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The facilities of Cooperative Development Bank reached more than 385 thousand billion Rials

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of the Cooperative Bank, the managing director of the Cooperative Bank during the Nowrozi meeting with his colleagues and during a visit to the bank’s headquarters building emphasized the motto: As a development bank, the Cooperative Bank focuses on In 1402, it placed its facilities on the production and support sector of cooperatives.

Mohammad Sheikh Hosseini added: Considering that one of the strategies of the Cooperative Development Bank is to support production and create employment, in 1401, more than 60% of the facilities were paid to the production sectors of industry, agriculture and housing.

He continued: Last year, the Cooperative Development Bank allocated 136 thousand billion Rials to the industry and mining sector, 63 thousand billion Rials to the agricultural sector, 120 thousand billion Rials to the service sector, and 30 thousand billion Rials to the housing sector, with priority given to cooperatives and SMEs. And micro businesses have paid.

According to the CEO of Tehsehe Cooperative Bank, this year we are trying to maintain the liquidity balance of the bank’s resources to be completely directed towards production. will follow

Sheikh Hosseini stated: With the efforts of all colleagues in the ranks and headquarters, the bank’s performance indicators have been brilliant.

He continued: The performance of the Cooperative Development Bank in the issue of loan facilities to support institutions such as the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, welfare organization, household chores, marriage and childbearing has been favorable and effective.

Sheikh Hosseini said: “Cooperative Bank has paid more than 140 thousand billion Rials in installment loans last year.”

He added: the ratio of expenditure to resources has reached 96% of adjustment and the bank’s non-current facilities (NPL) has reached below 3.8%.

The Managing Director of Tehsehe Cooperative Bank reminded: In the heading of clause (a) of comment 18 of the budget law, a performance of 96% has been recorded.

In the end, Sheikh Hosseini emphasized: For the first time in the credit policies of 1402, for cooperatives and cooperative unions, we have reduced the interest rate of the facility by 2% from the bank’s internal resources, and by God’s grace, with the efforts of the employees of the Cooperative Development Bank, I am confident in At the end of this year, a favorable performance will be recorded in the field of inflation control and production growth.

In the Nowrozi meeting of the CEO, Seyed Baqer Fatahi, Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Mohammad Zulfiqari, Deputy CEO for Finance and Support, Shahram Bakhsha, Deputy CEO for Planning and Information Technology, and Seyed Ali Mirfokharai, Head of the Public Relations Department, were present.

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