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The failed dream of Mr. Khas to return to the Blues of London

According to Fars news agency, the former head coach of Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Tottenham has requested to return to the English Premier League due to the lack of support from the heads of Rome to finance the team’s purchase of players.

“Daily Mail” wrote that attending Chelsea for the third term was the ideal scenario for “Jose Mourinho”, but his representatives, after inquiring about the possibility of his return to the London Blues, have realized that the club’s leaders have a clear position about supporting their head coach, “Graham Potter”. .

Mourinho’s wife and children still live in London and he has always preferred to lead a team in the English Premier League instead of being in other countries.

Mourinho won the European Conference League with Roma last season. They are currently in fifth place in the Serie A table. But the lack of financial resources has prevented them from fighting for the trophy.

The West Ham job is also up for grabs after David Moyes’ recent failures, but Mourinho does not want to leave Roma in the middle of the season.

60-year-old Mourinho has won the Premier League three times and English domestic cups five times during his two periods in Chelsea.

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