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The “Falling” series is a complete copy/ from publishing without permission to disregarding the law

According to the news reporter of Fars News Agency, the series “Falling” directed by Sajjad Pahlvanzadeh started airing its first episode on December 15th, and the follow-ups from Satra show that this series, which has been involved in various issues these days, still does not have a license.

The name of the series “Falling” came to the fore for the first time after Hamid Farrokhnejad’s Margins. This security work, which is Farrokhnejad’s last game on the home television network, has not yet succeeded in obtaining a license from Satra, and there are some points about it.

Now, the first part of it has been aired and investigations show that it followed an illegal process from the very beginning of its construction.

Satra’s letter regarding the lack of permission for the fall series

The Filmo platform, which released this series, has always created various margins over the past year and it seems that it still could not cope with Satra’s regulatory approach. Investigations show that this series has not received the permission to make satra, contrary to the common rules.

Due to the fact that one of Satra’s official correspondences has been published in cyberspace and it has been determined that Filmo produced this collection without obtaining an official production license.

The most important negative consequence of this action is that the procedure of ignoring the production license, which is very widespread in the cinema organization, will be repeated in the home show network and in the field of serial production, and Satra will face trends that produced and completed the work without obtaining a license. to be received by the builders and half of the regulatory structure to be destroyed.

*About the fall series/ copy of the original movie “The night the moon was full”

The story of the “Falling” series takes place in two parts of Iran and Iraq, and accordingly, the filming took place in Iran and Iraq. Most of Iran’s sequences were filmed in Kurdistan province and most of Iraq’s sequences were filmed in Mosul province. In addition to Hamid Farrokhnejad, other actors such as Abbas Jamshidi Far, Sajjad Babaei have played in this series. The main female role of this series has been given to a newcomer named Elnaz Malek. In the production of this series, Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian is present as a consultant to the director. Azam Behrouz wrote the script of the series based on a design by Behjat Sharif.

The "Falling" series is a complete copy/ from publishing without permission to disregarding the law

This 9-episode mini-series tells a love story based on a political and espionage event. In the summary of the story, it is also stated: “Aisan goes to Turkey for his honeymoon at the suggestion of his wife Jakan.” But the truth of this trip is something else. This series depicts a different narrative of ISIS and the presence of this terrorist group in the region. In this series, for the first time on the home television network, expensive and inflammatory war scenes will be shown.

The "Falling" series is a complete copy/ from publishing without permission to disregarding the law
The story and narrative of the movie “The Fall” is obviously influenced by the movie “The Night the Moon was Full” by Narges Abiyar. Examining the elements and characters shows that the first part of this Mo Ba Mo series was copied from this well-known movie

In the final analysis, the review of the first part of this series shows that this work is a copy of the original movie “The Night of the Full Moon” by Narges Abiyar. The film that was selected by Fajr Film Festival.

Now the mini-series “The Fall” follows the same narrative and the same theme. The common elements of these two works are so many that any audience who has seen both works can find their similarities. “The night the moon was full” is the story of a young girl who falls in love and in the continuation of the story, the peace of love that has accompanied the audience from the beginning disappears. In the forced journey of the girl and her migration from Iran to Pakistan, this narrative is slowly shed and the film becomes involved in the adventures of terrorism and turns from a social melodrama into a tragic film.

The "Falling" series is a complete copy/ from publishing without permission to disregarding the law

The story of the movie “The Fall” also follows the same narrative structure of “The Night the Moon was Full”, this time instead of a Tehrani girl and a Baluchistan man; A Turkish girl and a Kurdish man are dating. Young love, having children, leaving the country under the pretext of a honeymoon, even a villa and a team house in Turkey and finally uncovering the man’s takfiri. All these features are common in both works.

Even in the middle of the film, when the girl (who has settled in Sanandaj because of her husband) talks to her mother on the phone, sad because of her husband’s loneliness and secrets, it clearly reminds the audience of the same struggles in the movie The Night the Moon Was Full.

There is a lot of talk and hadith about the continuation or banning of this series, some are of the opinion that this series in its current state is a good representation of the efforts of the security forces to protect this land. Therefore, not confiscating it is seen as not playing in the enemy’s field, which wants to hide Iran’s power in the field of politics and security.

Apart from the various analyzes about its airing or not airing, it is important to mention that the “Falling” series is a complete copy of the movie “The Night the Moon was Full”, so the first part of this series has nothing to add for now. It has not been given to the audience, we have to wait to see where the narrative of this series will go. Will it still be a second-rate work or a copy or will it introduce the audience to a new world?

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