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The “family game” condition is for the whole family / The competition fever is still going on – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

Seyed Hashem Mousavi, the producer of the “Family Game” contest, which airs on Ofogh tonight, told Mehr about the start of the production of this program: “Since last year, the friends of the Ofogh network’s social group suggested us to make this program and it was their order.”

Referring to the program’s approach, he said: “Our main basis in building this Race The family discussion was complete, that is, the participant I see Have a blood relationship. Uncle, aunt and uncle titles are less common these days because new generations have fewer siblings or many families. Grandpa And they do not have grandmothers, for example Father And mother It’s too late for Fertility Has taken action and grandchild He no longer sees his grandparents.

Referring to the basis of the competition, Mousavi mentioned one of the main conditions of the program and said: the participants of the competition must include three generations of a family, and if, for example, the family does not have grandparents, the same age must be siblings who have these three generations. Finally complete. So far, about 200 people have participated in the competition on behalf of their families, but because their families were not complete, we could not accept them.

The producer of the contest also explained about the design of the games: An Iranian identity was defined for the design of the games and we tried to distance ourselves from the outside space. Some games, of course, are adapted from foreign games, games that can not be said much about what Line And it is a place.

He added: “The games in this competition are integrated and in addition to the cognitive space, it also has a physical space.”

Mousavi about broadcasting various competitions on TV and repetition Theme The competition stated: The forms could not be very different. It’s all about the same thing and it’s the same everywhere, for example, pantomime is the same everywhere and it can’t be much different.

The producer also said about the selection of the presenters of this program: “Maybe many producers will look at who has been the presenter and use the same people, but I took a risk and it is the art of the producer to go to people who have ever been.” Performance They did not. I take risks human I am going to Jadid and by the way, Morteza Rostami and Ebrahim Shafiei will have many offers to implement after this.

He, who has previously worked mostly in the field of documentation, said about how much the competition is currently attended by the audience: “Now it is a competition fever and this genre has an audience, even when the networks offer, that is, Based on They have felt the need for a strategic feedback and vision.

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