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The Farhangian Reserve Fund agreement with the Central Bank for the revival of Capital Bank

According to financial news from Farhangian Reserve Fund, Hamidreza Najafpour Kordi, CEO of Farhangian Reserve Fund, announced on Sunday the Central Bank’s agreement to accelerate the revival of Capital Bank and said: This measure has significant financial benefits for Farhangian.

Najafpour-Kordi announced the focus on the payment of CEOs of holdings and added: We emphasize that the payment system of companies should be in a clear and transparent framework, and that multiplicity should be avoided in calculation and payment.

He pointed to the launch of the multi-service program for educators and said: This is another step in the direction of transparency and teachers can see their company’s share of the fund through this software. In addition, we have several conditions for teachers to benefit from this service platform.

Organizing companies and reforming the stock portfolio

The CEO of Farhangian Savings Fund Institute said about the organization of companies and determining the duties of unprofitable companies: measures have been taken to improve the conditions, also in the reform of the stock portfolio, a consensus was reached that the maximum opinions of the organization are on the formation of a mining industrial holding.

He added: Also, in the reform of the stock portfolio, the majority of the decisions were related to investments in methanol and petrochemicals, and whenever the adjustment of the share of methanol was proposed, there were resistances, but with investigations and planning, the organizational path moved towards the reform of the entire stock portfolio of petrochemicals. .

The CEO of Farhangian Reserve Fund Institute stated: In the field of profitability, the financial year of all companies is 31 September, and considering that the interests of teachers depend on the value chain, companies should be diligent in this field. We have a forward orientation and we must double the work; Besides, redesigning the strategic document is one of the things.

Najafpour Kurdi continued: In the case of Arvan Airline, the flight route was followed by seeking the opinion of relevant authorities and the necessary permits for the flight were received, of course, the initial flights have been carried out since May this year.

The CEO of Farhangian Savings Fund Institute added: Another good thing that happened to Arvan Airlines and we had a serious follow-up was that they gave us the Arbaeen flight, and what we stressed was that the benefits of the airline company and its flight services should happen in the service of the Farhangian community and the flights Arbaeen should be done with system considerations in terms of software and technical work.

Regarding the follow-up and progress of the ownership value plan, Najafpour-Kordi pointed out that the most prominent demands of the teachers were that we followed the work in the direction of the demands of the educators and the promises made were fulfilled, adding: the first stage of the work is in the form of handing over 10% of the shares of Sahand Investment Company. It is for educators.

The Farhangian Reserve Fund agreement with the Central Bank for the revival of Capital Bank

He reminded: The management style of Farhangian Reserve Fund was financial control, but now we have created management systems and under that, we have deepened strategic planning in several ways. In order to deepen this issue, we implemented an operational budgeting system in the fund.

Najafpour Kurdi stated: This work improved the transparency and efficiency of the organization; Also, moving towards knowledge-based fields was another step that we took in order to make it clearer, and the internal code (comprehensive information system for stock exchange issuers) was produced to depict the status of companies one by one.

He added: According to what we promised, the salary payment system of the CEOs of the holdings was established in a framework where the annual fixed salary increase is added to the salary and a variable percentage based on productivity, and now we are in the payment phase.

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