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The flow of media must change from defensive to offensive

According to Heritage correspondent Aria Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in the conference on passive defense and sustainable media model, which was held today, Monday, November 8, in the presence of general managers of public relations, managers of various media, a group of media activists and officials of various agencies. “The state of cyberspace should be defined more as a new game for the cultural activities of the Revolutionary Front than a threat,” he said. We have to get past this passive state, and there is a lot of potential for this. “Now we see the effects of the strong presence of the revolutionary current in this area, and we have this capability, but we must think of various measures so as not to be harmed.”

“Today we have special conditions in the field of media, and the fact that our colleagues in the passive defense organization have entered into this issue and drafted a document for the development of this field plays an important role,” he added. “After four decades of hard war and, of course, soft war, today our media stream must change from the current defensive position to the offensive position.”

“Rather than talking about threats in the field of media, we should know that the media is a suitable playing field for the Islamic Revolutionary Front, and therefore the media should become an offensive position,” Ismaili continued.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance continued: “The issue of increasing media literacy is very important, and if this issue is put on the agenda seriously, we will definitely see an increase in success in various sectors. For example, why did the enemy not respond to the issue of hacking the country’s fuel system in recent weeks? “This is due to the trust that has been created between the government and the people, and in this area we have seen very good management by the media, especially the national media.”

“In November 1998, people were shocked by the increase in gasoline prices, but we in the 13th government polled on the corona in September this year,” he said. “Initially, 81% were against the reopening and resumption of social activities, but the government continued the vaccination and now 90 million doses of the vaccine have been injected and now 70% of the people are satisfied with the reopening of social activities.”

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“The media appendix has been prepared for the government’s actions, and the government has decided to take into account the people’s satisfaction for all its actions,” Ismaili continued. “We need to speak to the people clearly. This is a package that, along with media literacy, can bring a sense of calm to the government and the people.”

Effective presence of people in passive defense

Hojjat al-Islam and Muslims Mohammad Qomi, head of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, also said at the conference: “What led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution will be the cause of our victory in the future.”

He added: “We must look for our own way of progress and victory, and just as the movement of the people and their presence is the cause of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the presence of the same people in the field of passive defense is effective and explaining a sustainable media model plays a very important role.” has it.”

Hojjat al-Islam and Muslimeen Qomi continued: “We witnessed a good managerial incident in the media regarding the hacking of the fuel system, which took place a few weeks ago. “As we have been able to achieve many successes since the beginning of the revolution, we can take more effective measures in the future with the presence of the people and by explaining a good model of open media, and we will see more success.”

“We had a successful experience in the past month,” said Seyed Mohammad Hashemi, deputy minister of law, parliamentary affairs and provincial affairs at the Ministry of Guidance. The issue of hacking the fuel system and disrupting gas stations was dangerous, but the good work done by the national media and the support and assistance of the virtual and print media helped prevent a crisis. “God willing, the rest of the media will do the same so that we can reach the definition of sustainable media.”

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“Another example goes back to previous years. In the 33-day war in Lebanon, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, who has a media and situational character, was able to win both the battlefield and seize the media and declare that we are victorious,” he continued.

The media has changed the context of wars

Sardar Gholamreza Jalali, the head of the Passive Defense Organization, also stated in his speech at the conference: “As mentioned, we are faced with four concepts in the issue of passive defense, of which threats and dangers are two of these four concepts. The media has changed the basic framework of wars. In past wars, the killing rate was a capability that countries used against each other to force one to surrender to the other; “Like the cowardly US invasion of Japan, but as the media developed, the definition of geographical boundaries changed, the media crossed borders, and public opinion became a major issue, resulting in the evolution of the media in all areas.”

“The use of public opinion by foreign media can be very dangerous,” he said. “It is dangerous for them to shape their thoughts and behavior and mobilize them against national interests, and it certainly needs to be reconsidered.”

The head of the passive defense organization added: “We do not have an offensive strategy in the field of media and we must have a comprehensive strategy in two aspects. The first part is to protect public opinion against the enemy’s aggression, we must not allow foreign media to play into people’s minds. “In the second part, we rely on revolutionary values.”

At the end of the conference, the strategic document of media defense of the country was unveiled in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Sardar Gholamreza Jalali, head of the Passive Defense Organization, and the best passive defense knowledge in the field of culture and media was honored.


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