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The follow-up of the Minister of Cultural Heritage for the permanent calculation of the gas tariff of tourism facilities with the service rate/tourism support fund was launched with the support of Engineer Zarghami.

According to the report of Arya Heritage, quoted from the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of East Azerbaijan, Ali Asghar Shalbafian, the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the country, on Wednesday, January 14, 1401, in a specialized meeting to review ways to attract tourists, while thanking the private and public sector of East Azerbaijan for hosting a tourism familiarization tour for office managers. Tourism and travel of the country, said: East Azerbaijan province during the management period of Mr. Khorram has really been on the track of tourism development, many examples can be cited in this direction because the province has taken a step in the path of transformation. In my opinion, these developments are very important, both in terms of provision of arrangements and in terms of moving forward in removing the obstacles of tourism in the province, that the provincial officials should have nobility over all the projects so that the current problems are resolved.

In addition, he also praised the head of East Azerbaijan Travel and Tourism Association for organizing this familiarization tour and continued: There are many shortcomings in the development of domestic tourism, and we request that all the activists in the field of offices in this three-day trip They had, as professional observers, to convey to the host and to us, because the point of the opinions of tourism activists is one of the important achievements of this program, so that we know what should be considered.

Shalbafian added: Tabriz city is one of the first-ranked cities in the country and you are the most professional people in the field of travel. The main goal of this program, which is the correct analysis of the province, is to introduce and market tourism and attract tourists to this magnificent city.

He called the diversification of tourism destinations one of the most important programs of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and announced the implementation of serious measures in this field.

The vice president of tourism of the country stated that one of the serious challenges of the country’s tourism is the lack of content that fits the capacities and said: the lack of appropriate content and their publication has not been seriously pursued, but capacity building in this direction should be done with the help of tourism activists.

He further emphasized: Economic activists of the province should be promoted to invest and produce tourism content in line with the development of tourism.

Shalbafian emphasized: East Azerbaijan plays a role not only in domestic tourism, but also in the foreign field as the center of gravity for tourists in the northwest, so diversifying tourism in this region is one of our most important plans.

He continued: It is likely that this province will have 8 world works next year, which will create a very good capacity to attract incoming tourists.

The country’s deputy tourism minister said: One of the main areas of our focus is updating the tourism laws, which we have put on the agenda. We should improve the laws according to the view of the government and the tourism. This issue is being developed with the cooperation and cooperation of the private sector, and we want them to be pioneers in proposing new ideas and thoughts.

Stating that the restoration of the laws can be a way forward, he added: In the budget law of 1401, gas tariffs for tourism facilities were calculated with a service rate, and in the form of the government’s proposal for the coming years, it was also approved to be calculated as a service.

In the end, the country’s vice president of tourism announced the launch of the tourism support fund with the follow-up of the minister of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts.

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