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The great importance of simplifying, collecting and analyzing dashboard data in decision-making

According to the financial news report, quoted by the public relations of Iran Insurance, Hassan Sharifi, the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Iran Insurance, announced in the ritual of innovative Sundays and the unveiling of the rating dashboard for measuring the efficiency and rating of agencies: improving the quality level of service People are of great importance to us and all our decisions and goals are planned in this direction. Therefore, simplifying, collecting and analyzing the data of management dashboards, especially the representative rating dashboard, is very important in making decisions to facilitate the provision of services to the people.

Sharifi, in this meeting, which was held with the presence of Seyed Nasser Mubarqai, Seyed Alireza Sadat Mir, Alireza Moghadasi and Ismail Mahdavinia, members of the board of directors, Salami and Khodami, deputy managing directors and general managers of dealerships, referring to improving the performance of electronic services and promoting digital systems in the company, he said: Currently, one of the most important ideals, ideas and thoughts that is being pursued in Iran’s insurance is the participation of representatives in the company’s administration. This dashboard will expose them to more attention than before by creating a ranking capacity for representative colleagues.

He added: Representative colleagues, as a link between customers and the company, can play an effective role in increasing the company’s inputs, increasing the portfolio and reducing the loss factor. In the last one year, the representative trade association had a valuable presence in conferences, meetings and similar gatherings, which will definitely bring positive results.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Insurance demanded the use of IT capacity and 25 dashboards by the company managers and said: Based on the capacity that is predicted in the dashboard of the representatives, a performance report should also be issued for each of the representatives in order to present All kinds of services to representatives such as facilities, delegation of authority and other cases, this report should be used as a reference for consideration and decision making.

Seyyed Mohammad Nasser Mubarqai, a member of the board of directors, also pointed to the capabilities of the dashboard of agencies and stated: The output of this dashboard should be tangible for the agents and the sales network should feel that it is under evaluation, and the feedback of actions and results from the dashboards should be given to the agent in a timely manner. Meriuta should be given to understand his situation and position in the company and reach the point of persuasion from the result of the validity of this evaluation.

He called the process of continuous evaluation and the issue of credibility for the representatives more important than financial issues and added: After the evaluation of the representatives, those who are placed in the top ranking group, we must provide methods to prevent stagnation and improve their performance in order to employ and Recognizing the special talents of top representative colleagues should be used for the transfer of their knowledge and experience to improve the methods and continue the path of success. For the representatives who did not get a good rank in the evaluation indicators, we should consider various educational measures so that by fixing the defects and problems, this group of representatives will also be added to the group of top representatives.

Alireza Moghadisi, a member of the board of directors and the head of the technology council, expressed his appreciation and support for the actions taken in this meeting and stated: To evaluate the representatives, we needed certain indicators that these indicators are in the dashboard of the ratings of the representatives, forecasting and actions in this The field has been done to reach the ultimate goal of increasing sales and improving the composition of the company’s portfolio.

In 1401, Iran Insurance experienced a growth of 3.3% compared to last year by issuing 17 million insurance policies, and this was part of the mission of representatives who are in the front line of sales and are considered key factors in the insurance industry, which should be Increasing their motivation should be considered.

He demanded to implement as soon as possible the ranking dashboard of the representatives and to present analytical reports to the board of directors and said: the senior managers of Iran Insurance are particularly sensitive to the revision and completion of the evaluation indicators and transformational matters of the company, and good measures have been taken and the results of this Actions can be seen in the financial statements of the company and the increase in the number and amount of insurance premiums and realized incomes of the company.

Moghdisi added: 25 indicators were compiled with the opinion of experts for evaluation, of which 7 indicators were implemented in the first stage, and for more credibility and fluency, in the next stage, all 25 indicators will be operationalized, and the introduced system, evaluation and Facilitates the analysis of indicators.

It should be noted: the rating dashboard for measuring the efficiency and rating of agencies is a management dashboard to show the position of each agent in the whole country, province and branch, and based on legal bases, approvals of the board of directors and regulations on the limits of authority and also going through the steps Research has been designed and launched in 3 phases.

The first phase includes preliminary investigations and information gathering and design of indicators, the second phase includes analysis and interviews with experts and finalization of indicators, and the third phase includes model analysis, summarization and presentation of the final report.

Also, in this ceremony, a report on the performance of this dashboard and the stages of its launch, by Salami, acting vice president of planning and innovation, Khodami, deputy legal and coordinating affairs of provinces, branches and agencies, Hamid Reza Bahirai, director general of agency affairs, and Nastern Kolahchi, vice president of management statistics. Information technology and statistics were presented.

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