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According to Tejarat News, the report of the Iranian Statistics Center regarding the licenses issued by municipalities across the country in the summer of 2011 has been published.

This report, which includes the statistics of each season, shows the number of licenses issued in each province and their area in square meters.

The number and area of ​​construction permits issued in the summer of 1401

This summer, 32 thousand 360 building permits have been issued throughout the country. This number reaches 1,590 permits in Tehran.

The most province for which construction permits have been issued by municipalities is Tehran province, followed by Khorasan Razavi province with 2,879 permits. Ilam province has the lowest number of construction permits with 259.

The amount of area registered for the issuance of construction permits in this report in the whole country during this summer was 18 million 179 thousand 959 square meters, which is estimated at 2 million 259 thousand 942 square meters in Tehran.

The number of licenses issued in the previous season, i.e. Spring 1401, has recorded lower numbers. The number of licenses issued this spring was 31,497 in general, which reached 739 in Tehran.

The highest province in terms of the number of construction permits this season was Fars province, and the lowest figures still belong to Ilam province.

In the summer of 1400, the statistics are not much different from this summer. The total number of licenses issued in the country is 29,644, and 1,601 licenses were issued in Tehran.

The total area of ​​the issued permits is about 18 million and 394 square meters, which reaches about 18 million and 394 square meters in Tehran.

In general, the construction permits issued and its area in the spring of 1401 compared to the summer of 1400 experienced some decrease, which returned to the limits of the previous statistics in the next season, i.e. the summer of 1401.

But the number of licenses issued in general and in different dimensions indicate what behaviors in the housing market and what factors are they influenced by?

Some constructions have not yet been offered to the market

Mansour Ghaibi, a housing expert, told Tejarat News: The behavior of construction and obtaining permits is subject to business and economic conditions, that is, people are present in the market as investors. These flows, both in terms of number and area, indicate the type of view of mass builders and investors in the housing market.

He added: It should also be noted that the amount of construction that has been done and is in a saturated state has not yet been presented to the market, and in fact, these builders are standing on these properties in a waiting state. They intend to liquidate their capital in the highest possible state. Therefore, the decrease or increase in the issuance of construction permits does not only indicate the amount of construction.

This housing market expert also said about the construction situation: In general, there is a stagnation in the construction sector, and in the housing sector, the government has not been able to institutionalize the normal and acceptable prosperity of the construction sector, as a result of this factor, it has caused that people cannot behave in the market with confidence in the field of production and supply. Now the producers do not know their final task in the market.

The possibility of investors moving to parallel markets

Regarding the relative stability of construction permit statistics compared to the summer of last year, he said: There may be a number of investors and new forces entering the market who are interested in investing in the housing sector for different reasons, but the professionals who are monitoring the housing market They also see the parallel and there is also the possibility of migration.

He added: Of course, the people themselves should not be responsible for stray funds. The government should provide the proper principles and organization to ensure the normal and definite profit of the investor.

Desire to produce small buildings

The number of construction permits issued from the spring of 1401 to the summer of this year has grown by 115%, but the area of ​​the permits has only experienced an increase of 6.6% in the same period.

This ratio can indicate that despite the doubling of the demand for building permits, the desire to build small-scale buildings has increased, and builders have preferred to invest their capital in buildings that have lower production costs.

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