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The hand that the United States ate from Iran and Hezbollah

According to news sources, the ship carrying 29 million liters of Iranian fuel (diesel), which was recently purchased by Lebanese traders, has entered the Syrian port of Banias and is being transported to Lebanon by tankers.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reported yesterday (Wednesday) that “information shows that shipments containing 29 million liters of fuel purchased from Iran (which entered Syria) arrived in Lebanon in the coming days and through the Al-Amaneh company in two stages in This country will be distributed.

According to Al-Akhbar, in the first phase, the fuel will be delivered to public and private hospitals and clinics, as well as some factories that produce basic goods in Lebanon, and in the second phase, to municipalities and electricity generators (generators).

The report also states that diesel purchased from Iran will be transported to Lebanon through fuel tankers from Syria, whose services have been provided free of charge to Lebanon.

The issue of fuel is very important for the Lebanese, and its shortage in this country at the moment has created many problems for Lebanese citizens, among other problems, problems that the Lebanese can solve, such as the issue of fuel that Hezbollah Secretary General devised to solve. Let it be solved.

Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General in his speech on the day of Ashura Hosseini, announcing the supply of Lebanese fuel by purchasing from Iran, while making the people and many Lebanese currents and groups happy, at the same time disturbed the US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Xia Reacting to these remarks and interfering in the affairs of this country, he claimed that “the Lebanese do not need Iranian oil”; The remarks were met with a backlash from some Lebanese officials at the same time.

It was hours after Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech at Husseini’s Ashura ceremony that Dorothy Xia embarrassedly announced to the Lebanese president that the US government had decided to import electricity from Jordan to Lebanon and gas from Egypt, which the US ambassador was sure to say. Beirut and other Washington officials were unaware of the consequences; A move by the Americans themselves to thwart some of Washington’s conspiracies against Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

The purchase of fuel from Iran by Lebanese traders and then the start of the movement of fuel-carrying ships from Iran to Lebanon after the remarks of the Secretary General of Hezbollah showed that these words were very painful and unbelievable for the US government and its mercenaries in this country and region. After this speech, “David Shanker”, the former US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, also claimed that the words of the Secretary General of Hezbollah were just a political maneuver and were not true, and that this is a story and no sane person would believe it!

The arrival of the first ship carrying fuel purchased by Lebanese Shiite traders from Iran to the Syrian port of Banias in recent days and the beginning of its unloading and transportation to Lebanon, along with Damascus’ agreement to pass Lebanese electricity and gas purchased from Egypt and Jordan. The Zionist regime disintegrated France and Saudi Arabia and their internal agents not only in Lebanon, but also in the region, namely Iran and Syria, because this action will practically nullify US sanctions against the three member countries of the Islamic Resistance Front.

“With this move, the economic siege of Iran, Syria and Lebanon has been broken and this is the first step,” said Seyyed Hashem Safi al-Din, chairman of the Lebanese Hezbollah Executive Council, explaining the benefits of buying and transferring fuel from Iran by Lebanese Shiite traders. “And we will complete this step with other steps.”

The head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah executive council believes that the country’s main problem is a system that has been compounded by US pressure to give up its weapons and leave the field, but he stressed: “We are telling the Americans that we We are stronger and bigger than before.

Another advantage of the purchase of fuel from Iran by Lebanese traders, as well as the purchase of gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, the presence of a high-ranking Lebanese diplomatic delegation in Damascus and its meeting with Syrian officials and clearing up some misunderstandings It was the supply of electricity and gas, which the Americans, Saudis and Zionists did not like at all.

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Acting Minister of Defense in the Lebanese Progressive Government, Zeina Akr, headed a delegation to Damascus on 13 September to meet with Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal al-Muqaddad, which resulted in the agreement of all. Damascus sided with the transfer of electricity purchased from Jordan and gas from Egypt to Lebanon through Syrian territory.

At the same time, Nasri Khoury, Secretary General of the Lebanese-Syrian Supreme Council, told the media that “Damascus has agreed to the Lebanese side’s request to help the passage of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity through Syrian territory to Lebanon and is ready for this.” “The job has been announced.”

The Lebanese delegation’s visit to Syria to negotiate the passage of Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity to Lebanon was an unprecedented move and showed that the Americans were forced to reduce pressure on Damascus and Beirut without their knowing it; An issue that will lead to the failure of the siege and sanctions against Syria and Lebanon.

Certainly, the Americans and the Zionists will increase their actions and conspiracies against Lebanon to cover this gap, and they will not allow the Lebanese people to rest in peace, but the Lebanese people and officials must remain vigilant and emphasize national interests such as action. Hezbollah Secretary General to resolve their problems and restore peace to their country.


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