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The head of the program and budget organization will change in the near future

According to the economic reporter of Fars News Agency, according to the information obtained from informed officials, Seyed Masoud Mirkazemi, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, will soon hand over this responsibility to Daud Manzoor.

Masoud Mirkazemi has been the head of the country’s program and budget organization since Shahrivar 1400. Mirkazemi took over the organization of the program and budget in a situation where the budget of 1400 suffers from serious disharmony; With the efforts of him and other officials of the 13th government, there was a significant reduction in the budget deficit gap in 1401, so that about 97% of the budget forecast for 1401 was realized, and for the first time in the last few decades, more than 100% of construction credits were predicted. It was paid in the budget.

Daoud Manzoor is one of the main options for steering the Program and Budget Organization. He graduated from Tehran University’s Faculty of Economics with a doctorate in economics with a major in econometrics.

It means now the head of the tax affairs organization. During the period of his responsibility, many measures were taken in the field of tax organization, one of the results of which was a 52% increase in the number of taxpayers and a 56% increase in tax revenues in 1401. Daoud Manzoor’s other management records include deputy program of the Program and Budget Organization, deputy of planning and economic affairs of the Ministry of Energy.

It has also been heard that Mohammad Hadi Sobhanian is going to go from the Economic Deputy of the Ministry of Economy to the Tax Affairs Organization.

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