The highest and lowest yields of stock exchange symbols in the third week of October/Sedasht; The big loser of the stock market!

Reviewing the transactions of the third week of October indicates that Abad had the highest positive return with an increase of 24%, and Sedasht was the least efficient symbol of the capital market with a 15% drop. It should also be said that the rising and falling numbers of shares have increased this week compared to last week.

According to Tejarat News, a look at the stock market in the third week of October shows that the yield of stock market indices fell heavily under the influence of the war between Israel and Hamas, and this also caused about three hundred percent of real money to be withdrawn from the market.

It should be noted that the weekly capital market candle closed down at the end of trading on Wednesday, as in the past five weeks. A look at this week’s stock market transactions shows that the total index decreased by 3.2% during this week and reached two million and 19 thousand units from two million and 69 thousand units.

In this five-day path, the equal weight index was with the total index and decreased by 3.18%. So that the equal weight index reached 690 thousand units from the level of 715 thousand units this week.

Trading power was low in the third week since October and even less compared to last week. A closer look at the transactions of the third week shows that the stock market traded an average of seven billion and 360 million shares per day, and the value of the transactions was 4,125 billion tomans. Finally, it should be said that this week, more than 2,900 billion tomans of real capital was withdrawn from the capital market under the tension of the Israel-Hamas war.

The highest and lowest yields of stock market symbols in the third week of October

Examining the transactions of the third week of Mehr 1402 shows that the bullish numbers of the high-yield shares have gone up. Abad was named the most profitable share this week with a 24% growth. The technical analysis of this share shows that the two levels of five thousand and 915 tomans and eight thousand and 971 tomans are considered the most important support and resistance of this share, respectively.

Also, during this week, Beswitch and Haptero increased their prices by 23 and 18 percent, respectively, and reached the levels of 507 and 572 Tomans, respectively.

The lowest yield in the third week of October

On the other hand, the shares of Sadestan Cement Industries, along with Bekab and Sejam, were the least profitable symbols of the stock market this week. So that this share reached the price of five thousand and 21 tomans during the third week of October with a decrease of 15%. Currently, the most important support is the share of four thousand and 484 tomans.

Ghafars and Verna were the other low-yielding shares of this week, which dropped by 14% and reached the levels of 1,471 Tomans and 681 Tomans, respectively. The support and resistance of these two stocks are also shown in the table.

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