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The human eye should dominate the sport of the insurance industry

According to Monetary Financial News, quoted by the General Directorate of Public Relations and International Affairs of Central Insurance; Hadi Abdullahi,Deputy Director of Management Development and Central Insurance Resources Speaking in front of the members of the Central Insurance Sports Coordination Council and some of the best players in the insurance industry in the field of futsal, he added: “Empathy and other spiritual aspects go beyond the category of sports and appropriate behaviors such as play syndrome of children with Down Syndrome.” In the middle of futsal, the insurance industry is one of the human manifestations of sports.
Enumerating the advantages of sports in increasing the work capacity of the insurance industry, the member of the Central Insurance Board of Directors noted: The industry supervisory body is following the issue of sports development as seriously as possible and is ready for any cooperation with sports teams.
He described the participation of the insurance industry family in sports events as necessary and said: “Considering the extent of the insurance industry and its hidden and emerging potentials in the country, this complex can be mentioned as one of the most capable industries in sports.”
In the continuation of this meeting, Ali Akbar Torkashvand, Director General of Central Insurance, emphasized on the effectiveness of sports in increasing the insurance penetration, stated: The vacancy of the insurance industry is felt in professional sports competitions and the rails should be such that the industry Insurance to achieve its true place in the country’s sports.
In the end, he stressed the need to observe professional ethics and behavioral modeling of the insurance industry in sports competitions.
It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, Alireza Mohammad Ali, “in charge of developing sports insurance”, the managers and supervisors of the futsal team and some of the players also expressed their views.
It is worth mentioning that the insurance industry futsal team will line up against the 120 football team in the final match of the “Empathy and Sacrifice” futsal competitions.

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