The installments of the National Housing Movement are below 3 million Tomans

According to Tejarat News, Iqbal Shakeri said: 80% of the construction cost of the units National Housing Movement It is provided through facilities and should be considered in proportion to the ability of buyers, their installments with interest rates of 4 to 12 percent, so for one to three deciles, the amount of facility installments will be less than 3 million tomans, because if it is more than this amount, applicants and strata Low income will not be able to pay it.

According to a member of the Civil Commission of the Majles, the amount brought by the applicants for the first to third deciles is between 20 million and 40 million Tomans, and definitely for the lower deciles, the amount brought by the applicants will be less; Because according to the plans, these units will be built in the form of supportive housing, and therefore the high amount of installments and income of the applicant is not acceptable.

It was previously announced that the amount of installments of the National Housing Movement facilities is between 10 and 15 million, which has caused concern among many applicants.

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