The key to Esteghlal championship is to cross the Sepahan hard barrier / Attracting foreign coaches should not be without research

Reza Rajabi In a conversation with Mizan, in response to the words of the program manager Gabriel Payne Against Farhad Majidi He stated: “We should regret these conversations made by the program manager.” pin This is because I have always said that our clubs should not look for foreign coaches in a hurry and immediately, and should hire people with a lot of research who do not speak against the interests of the club when there is a delay in receiving their demands.

He continued: “Certainly, there has been a delay in the payment of Payne’s claims, and his program manager has raised these rumors, but raising these rumors will only create a margin in our team.”

* It is enjoyable to win a championship with beautiful football

Rajabi added: “It is interesting to talk everywhere that Payne has played a significant role in Esteghlal’s recent success, but it should be known that the team’s defensive thinking originates from the Italian coach’s defense plans.” Instead of looking for goals in games, Esteghlal staff are looking to keep their gates closed.

The veteran of Esteghlal Club stated: It is strange that while Majidi played a role in the offensive line when he was playing, why is Esteghlal not very successful in the offensive line now? I think winning a championship with beautiful football is enjoyable. I have stated many times that Esteghlal staff should plan for the attackers in training so that they show their best version on the day of the game, but unfortunately, on the day of the game with textiles and despite having three female strikers, nothing happened in the field. No goal was scored for this team. Then the gentlemen will come and weave the land and time for this loss.

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* Esteghlal should not jump into the water

Referring to Esteghlal’s hard game against Sepahan, Rajabi said: Esteghlal has a tough game against Sepahan and is the key to success in winning the league. It will be difficult for Majidi students to advance.

He pointed out: The best solution for Esteghlal is to line up with the plan against this team and should not throw water on the water. Because the slightest mistake in this match will be a defeat. Sepahan would like to cross the Esteghlal barrier at home, and this will cause a difficult game for this team. In my opinion, the game is 9 points and Esteghlal players should go to the field with high intelligence.

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