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According to Tejarat News, Omid Qalibaf pointed out that this system was opened for four groups of car integrated plan applicants for 3 days and added: The first group is those who, within the deadline of March 20-23, 1401, registered a proxy account of 100 million tomans. They opened the name of the support organization, but so far they have not applied for registration, and the banks have not sent them a referral SMS, the number of this group is about 10 thousand people who can register.

He added: The second group is those who have opened a power of attorney account with the same specifications on the due date, but the banks have not announced their names to the system, and the number of this group is more than 10,000 people, for whom it is possible to apply and register. has been prepared.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Security continued: The third group is those who have opened a representative account within the deadline and have entered the system, but have not chosen the car they want., complete your registration.

According to Qalibaf, in addition to these three groups, in the fourth group there are people who have chosen their desired cars and their registration is complete, but they want to change their desired car, and these people can also choose their car by choosing the option to cancel the order. change and edit your registration within three days.

He added: Applicants should be careful not to choose the option to withdraw from the plan when editing the information, because they will generally leave the plan and should choose the option to cancel the order and change their car.

The editing deadline will not be extended

The spokesman of the Ministry of Privacy emphasized that the three-day deadline for editing will not be extended and added: One day was enough for the aforementioned edits, but in order to create peace of mind and more time to enter the system, a three-day deadline for applicants who There are about 30 thousand people, we have considered.

Qalibaf added: Each car has a lottery in terms of turn-taking, and in this way, all the applicants of this plan will be awarded a car, and a lottery is used to determine the priority and delay of the delivery of the car.

According to him, almost at the end of April 1402, the ranks and turn of delivery of the applicants’ cars should be announced.

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