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He further stated: Some people may have a blocked Shabai bank number, they can enter their new Shabai number by referring to the Sejam system and wait to receive the profit this year based on the official announcement made by reliable and official media. .

Regarding the registration for equity shares, Hajivand said: Currently, there is no registration for equity shares, the fact that registration advertisements are done on some sites is completely fraudulent, and people should not submit fees and documents for registration.

When is the equity dividend paid?

Regarding the time and the possible amount of the dividend of the new justice shares, he also stated: In the traditional manner of the company assemblies that are held, this profit is identified and received, and after the notification, it will be deposited into the accounts of the individuals through depositing, until the assemblies are held, it cannot be done. He provided an accurate estimate of the amount and time of equity dividends and people should stay tuned. In the end, shareholders should pay attention to follow the news of Adalat shares only from official sources.

Conditions for receiving equity loan

All equity holders can get this loan. Both those who chose the direct method to sell their shares and those who chose the indirect method.

– The first condition to receive this loan is to have an account in National Bank. After that, applicants can apply for a loan through bank applications.

– The second condition is that the applicant must have a national smart card.

– Registration in the Sejam system and authentication is another important condition.

-Also, only people who have not sold any shares of their equity portfolio can receive Bank Melli’s equity loan. If the beneficiaries have sold even one share of their portfolio, they cannot get the loan.

– People whose equity shares are confiscated are not able to receive loans.

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