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The license to set up the second specialized entrepreneurship center in Khuzestan was issued

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Mansour Zanganeh Manesh added: “After Ahvaz, the second specialized center for entrepreneurship and business training will be set up in Behbahan soon.”
He stated: The specialized center for entrepreneurship and business skills in Behbahan will be activated with the aim of integrating startup activities to acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills and then entering the employment and business market.
Zanganeh Manesh added: “Today, all over the world, most new jobs are created through start-up companies that offer new goods and services to the labor market, so having a systematic approach and implementing an ecosystem in a dynamic, efficient and sustainable way.” It can work to increase employment and entrepreneurship rates.
Deputy Minister of Education, Research and Planning of Khuzestan General Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education, stating that in these centers, all entrepreneurial processes from idea formation to market entry have been predicted: These centers identify potential entrepreneurs and their work team, They provide the opportunity to explore ideas, provide entrepreneurship and skills training services, consulting, workspace, monitoring, start-up financing to market entry and investor attraction.
Zanganeh Manesh mentioned the development of the implementation of entrepreneurship plan, skills-based and productive entrepreneurship, and the creation of sustainable employment by creating a platform for high-growth businesses in an improved and entrepreneurial ecosystem as important goals in setting up specialized centers for entrepreneurship and business skills. .
He considered the establishment of a specialized center for entrepreneurship and business skills in Behbahan as a cross-sectoral process and said: “This center will be set up and operated in the near future with the approach of interaction of executive bodies such as universities, industrial town companies and executive bodies.” .
Last year, the first specialized center for entrepreneurship and business skills in Khuzestan was set up in Ahvaz.


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