The loss of 80 million tomans of assembly giant Iran Khodro + table

By reading the table below, complete information about Daily price of Photon cars You will get it in the market

The market price of all kinds of Photon cars
brand model (year of manufacture) Performance (km) price (tomans)
Tonland 2.0 liter 1401 Zero 1,600,000,000
Tonland 2.8 liters 1401 Zero 1,700,000,000
Tonland 2.8 liters 1402 zero (agent) 1,343,000,000
Tonland G7 gasoline 1402 Zero 2,250,000,000
Tonland G7 gasoline 1402 zero (representative) 1,885,516,000
Futon Van Vana 1402 zero (representative) 1,436,000,000
Source: Bama

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