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The Maghreb king appointed Aziz Akhnosh as prime minister

According to IRNA on Saturday, quoting the official Moroccan news agency, King Mohammed VI of Morocco appointed Aziz Akhnoush, the leader of the National Independent Gathering Party, as the prime minister, to form the country’s new cabinet.

The Independent National Coalition Party, which is part of the Moroccan Liberal Party, won the most seats in Wednesday’s parliamentary elections.

The party won 102 of the 395 seats in the Moroccan parliament, defeating the ruling Justice and Development Party.

The AKP won only 13 seats in Wednesday’s election.

Following the announcement of the election results, the King of Morocco, in accordance with the principles of the country’s constitution – on Friday – Aziz Akhnoosh accepted the leader of the National Unity Party at the royal palace and appointed him as prime minister and the new government.

Akhenush was the Minister of Agriculture 14 years ago, in 2007, in the government of Saad al-Din al-Osmani.

The new Moroccan prime minister said in a speech celebrating the party’s victory in the parliamentary elections that he would negotiate with all allied parties to form an efficient and cohesive government.

As usual, King Mohammed VI of Morocco will meet with one of the party with the highest number of votes to determine the prime minister after announcing the final election results.

The Moroccan House of Representatives has 395 seats, and according to the Interior Ministry, 1,815 people ran in the recent elections.

The King of Morocco has allocated 90 parliamentary seats to women, and another 305 seats have been allocated to the rest of the winning lists, whether male or female.

Following the announcement of the final results of the Moroccan parliamentary elections, King Mohammed VI, in accordance with his powers set out in the text of the Moroccan constitution, nominated one of the party members who won the most seats at the suggestion of other members of the party as The Prime Minister will appoint.

However, the palace of Muhammad VI is still the main source of decisions and strategic direction for the 36-million-strong Moroccan country; A country that, after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, compromised with the occupying regime in Jerusalem by turning its back on the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

In the 2011 and 2016 elections, the Islamic Justice and Development Party won the most seats in the Moroccan parliament, and this party also hoped to win the most votes in this year’s elections for the third consecutive term as Prime Minister (Prime Minister). Slow down.

The Islamic Justice and Development Party of Morocco was formed following the 2011 protests in the Middle East and North Africa.

However, the ruling Justice and Development Party failed to win Wednesday’s election, losing to rival liberal parties and ousting the government.

In response to the announcement of the results, all members of the Maghreb Justice and Development Party resigned en masse on Thursday evening in protest of the results of the parliamentary elections in the country.

According to Moroccan media reports, all members of the secretariat of the Justice and Development Party, headed by Saad al-Din al-Osmani, the party’s secretary general and the current Moroccan prime minister, have resigned.

The statement from the AKP believes that “the announced election results are incomprehensible and irrational and do not reflect the truth of the party’s political plan and position in the Maghreb political scene.”


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