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The meeting of the policymaking council of the Isar regional exhibition was held with the introduction of the members

According to Fars news agency, the first meeting of the policy making council of the second regional exhibition of sacrifice visual arts was held in the presence of Abbas Ali Rezaei, director general of the Shahid Foundation and the affairs of martyrs of the cities of Tehran province, and other members of the foundation on Monday evening.

At the beginning of this meeting, Rezaei, Director General of the Martyrs and Martyrs’ Affairs Foundation, while welcoming and referring to the victories of Hamas and the atrocities of the occupying Quds regime in Gaza, called the recent events a divine and lasting test in the history of humanity.

According to the statements of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution regarding the promotion of the culture of sacrifice and martyrdom in the form of works of art, as last year, the second edition of this event will be organized as a regional exhibition of visual arts of sacrifice with the participation of Alborz, Qazvin, Qom, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari provinces. And we will hold it in Greater Tehran, God willing.

In addition, while presenting a report on the process of this event, Tahereh Tabirii, the acting secretary, said: Considering the unprecedented reception received by the artists of the participating provinces in this period, with the opinion of the secretary and the agreement of the policy council, we hope that the deadline for submitting works will be extended. Let’s extend it for a few days.

The cultural deputy of the Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation of the cities of Tehran province also pointed to the different sections of the call for this course and stated: This year’s exhibition will be held competitively in both student and adult sections, and God willing, with the participation of institutions and organizations, we will have more and maximum interactions with artists. and society to have a target audience, and on the other hand, we are trying to organize educational workshops for students and those interested in the company of policy-making council members and related artists, and finally, God willing, the output of the second edition of the sacrifice exhibition will be available to the cultural and artistic organization of Tehran Municipality for urban space creation. put

Shahid Foundation supports cultural and artistic activities

In addition, Amir Hossein Shafiei, a member of the policy making council, also appreciated the support of the director general of the Shaheed Foundation of the cities of Tehran province over the past year for artistic events and programs, including music, theater and cinema events in the cities of Tehran province.

He also said regarding the announced call and calendar: God willing, this exhibition will be held in the Basij week with the plans that have been made, and after that the works will be exposed to the audience in the provinces.

The works of the exhibition will be displayed all over the country

Javad Jamiri, the head of the Basij Artists Organization and a member of the Policy Council of the 2nd Isar Visual Arts Exhibition, also stated regarding the increase in the scope of the audience of this event: the main audience of this exhibition is the general public and I hope that after the production of artworks, the work will not be limited to exhibitions. With the capacity we have in mobilizing artists and despite the multitude of programs, we are ready to expose the works of Isar exhibition in all provinces and cities to the entire Iranian people.

In this course, we will host a global audience

Mohammad Zaroui Nasrabad, the director of the visual center of the art field, while appreciating the support of the Shahid Foundation in organizing art events, announced the readiness of the visual center of the art field to cooperate and participate in this event. Beside the domestic audience, host the global audience as well.

Broadcasting and showing works of the exhibition are among the most important concerns

In this meeting, Ali Ghorbani, head of the Department of Volume and Urban Symbols of Tehran Municipality, also pointed to the concern of showing the produced works and said: One of the concerns in the field of visual and volumetric arts is the distribution or screening of these produced works. I hope it was done with cooperation and planning. To be able to display the works produced in this period of the exhibition in the best condition and expose them to the audience.

The experience of other similar events will be used in this course

Mustafa Nasiri, Deputy Director of Artistic Affairs of the Ministry of Guidance of Tehran Province, while accompanying Tehran’s guidance capacities with the Isar exhibition, by offering a proposal for a better and targeted organization in this period, said: According to the experiences of festivals and similar events, we can provide a mechanism for artists to present their works in this event. Do not go to the bank of their productions and start creating new works.

At the end of this meeting, Javad Jamiri, the head of Basij Artists Organization, Mohammad Zaroui Nasrabad, the director of the visual arts center of the artistic field, Mostafa Nasiri, the deputy of artistic affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Tehran province, Ali Ghorbani, the head of the Volume and Urban Symbols Department of Tehran Municipality, Tahereh Tabiri, the cultural deputy of the General Administration. Shahid Foundation and the affairs of martyrs of the cities of Tehran province and Amir Hossein Shafiei were appointed as members of the policy council of the second exhibition of visual arts of sacrifice by Abbas Ali Rezaei, the director general of the foundation of martyrs and affairs of the cities of Tehran province.

The second regional exhibition of sacrifice visual arts will be held by the Shaheed Foundation and the Affairs of Victims of Tehran Province under the direction of Abbas Ali Rezaei in the first half of December, and those who are interested can send their works to the e-mail address until the 10th of November.

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