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The meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema will be held after a long time

According to the film reporter of Fars News Agency, the Supreme Council of Cinema is known as the highest cinema policy-making body in the country. This council has been working for the past years with the aim of applying unified and focused policies in the field of Iranian cinema, the all-round quantitative and qualitative improvement of national capabilities in the field of cinema and its duties. Such as approving support programs for the production of great cinematographic works, determining the necessary mechanisms for implementing the coordinated management of national resources and facilities in the field of cinema.

This council has faced many fluctuations until today. If at times it was faced with the resignation of several members and even after the passage of years it was revived in a period. Finally, in 1395, this council was dissolved and joined the memories.

But it was in the year 1400 that Mohammad Khazaei announced the revival of this council, in the first meetings of this council, the cinematographers’ housing plan was presented and approved, and it was at the beginning of this year that Khazaei announced the implementation of this resolution.

Now, after a long time, the news of the re-establishment of this council is heard, Mohammad Khazaei, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Cinema, announced this news and said: this meeting was attended by the first vice president, Mohammad Mokhbar, and the real and legal members of the council, with the aim of examining the major challenges of cinema and Problems with the cinema will be held.

He continued: Over the past year, the secretary of the Supreme Council of Cinema has held 11 specialized meetings with the presence of real expert members, focusing on examining, evaluating and quantifying the challenges and problems of Iranian cinema at the location of the cinema organization, and finally summarizing and outputting the results of the preliminary meetings. It will be discussed in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema on Monday, September 20, which will be held in the presidential institution.

Referring to the 3 resolutions of the previous meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema, Khazaei said: the majority of these resolutions are being pursued and realized with the issues of equipping and renovating centers and offices of young cinema, artists’ housing, and studying for the production of international joint works.

He added: We have achieved brilliant results in helping to build, equip and modernize the equipment of young cinema centers, and almost all the goals of the cinema organization in this regard are about to be implemented.

Khazai announced the preparation of a proposal package for the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema and said: I hope the results of tomorrow’s meeting of the Supreme Council of Cinema will bring achievements and good news for the cinema family.

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance emphasized the efforts of his respective organization to solve the housing problems of cinemagoers and emphasized: In this field, the preliminary work will be done with the cooperation of the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Urban Development and will soon reach the implementation stage.

Regarding the production of international joint works in the cinema, Khazai also said: the financial and capital resources of this project are being provided and the start of its work will be announced soon.

It should be noted that the Supreme Council of Cinema consists of the first vice president Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Peyman Jabali, the head of the Broadcasting Organization, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, the head of the country’s seminaries management center, Yousef Nouri, the Minister of Education, and Mohammad Ali Zulfi Gol, the Minister of Science. Research and Technology, Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyed Reza Ameli, Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Mohammad Qomi, President of the Islamic Propaganda Organization, Shihab Esfandiari, President of Sedavasima University, and Mohammad Khazaei, President of the Cinema Organization as legal members, and Abulqasem Talebi, Masoud Naqashzadeh, Majid Shah Hosseini. , Dawood Mirbagheri, Manouchehr Shahsawari, Maryla Zarei and Puran Derakhshandeh as real persons.

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