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The message of the CEO of Teacher Insurance on the occasion of Communication and Public Relations Day

According to the news of Poli Mali, one of the indicators of the development of efficient organizations and dynamic businesses is the existence of a coherent structure in public relations. A dynamic and capable public relations is a reliable consultant for different elements of the organization to the extent that it can turn the potential knowledge and capabilities of different units into reality.

On the one hand, communication with the society as the main beneficiaries of any organization is one of the most important functions of public relations, which, by knowing the needs of customers and transferring them to technical units, play an important role in product production, and on the other hand, communication with the media and the production of luxurious content and Providing desirable news topics completes the chain of informing and raising awareness of a creative and innovative public relations.

Fortunately, the constructive communication between the media and public relations people, by employing experts, has been able to show a new face of the insurance industry to the public and display its complex concepts in a simple language, which in turn appreciates this empathy and companionship in the development path. I am an insurance culture.

In the end, while thanking the compassionate efforts of all the activists in this field and re-emphasizing the necessity of a collective, legal and professional movement of the public relations family in line with the strategic goals of the insurance industry, we wish the twenty-seventh of May to the awareness liaisons, thought leaders and heralds of organizational ethics. I congratulate

Sincerely, Mofid Amini

CEO of teacher insurance

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