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The mission of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts is to support investors in these three areas

According to Moj news agency, Ezzatullah Zarghami, at the closing ceremony of the first conference and exhibition of tourism investment opportunities in Gilan province, which was held in Rasht’s central hall, considered his presence in Gilan as a tribute to investors in the field of tourism and stated: the ministry’s mission Cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts support investors in these three areas.

Referring to the value of investment in tourism, he added: Investment that works with belief, interest and motivation to improve the country’s economy and serve the people is very valuable.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts stated: There is a showcase of historical, cultural and natural attractions in Gilan and it is among the best in the country.

Zarghami considered the existence of 220 works of national registration as one of the comparative advantages of Gilan in the field of cultural heritage and said: Gilan has more than 300 historical monuments, it is also excellent in natural tourism and ranks in the top ranks in the variety of handicrafts.

He considered Gilan to be full of relative advantages and noted: Gilan does not need to create new advantages, and therefore the most important issue in the success of tourism investment is to pay attention to Gilan’s advantages.

The vice president announced the delegation of the ministry to the provinces to get rid of the inefficient administrative system and stated: The Director General of Cultural Heritage in the province is in charge of all the missions of the Minister of Heritage, and in return, the ministry creates facilities.

Referring to the allocation of 10 thousand billion Tomans in the field of tourism from Note 18, he added: The Ministry of Heritage has the best performance among the institutions in Note 18, and therefore the necessary coordination with banks has been established to provide facilities.

Zarghami stated that so far we have introduced 1,100 tourism projects and 65 handicraft projects to obtain facilities or loans under Note 18, and said: Each province will have a comprehensive plan in the field of tourism in order to avoid parallel work by setting priorities. One of the important orientations of the 13th government is the removal of obstacles, and therefore we determine tourism priorities by making decisions in the provinces.

He asked the governors to follow the tourism investment projects with prejudice and sensitivity and noted: capitalists and investors are a divine gift and therefore all managers are obliged to support investors.

The Minister of Heritage, stating that Gilan tourism does not need to be advertised and is well-known, noted: Gilan’s tourism tsunami is great and provides the opportunity to invest in infrastructure sectors, especially residences and tourist complexes; Of course, we are lagging behind in entertainment centers and amusement parks, and we need to create an environment for people’s entertainment, because entertainment and entertainment facilities are quick and attractive.

The Vice President did not consider roadside garbage to beautify a province like Gilan and emphasized: Waste and garbage are anti-tourism and besides environmental pollution, they have visual pollution.

He called for the preservation of the environment and the forest of Gilan as the most important relative advantage of the province and stated: Do not allow some profiteers to destroy the environment and clear the gardens and fields and build walls and therefore the sensitivity of the province is needed. We want to preserve the environment and its wonderful forests.

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