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The mourning of the people of the cinema in the mourning of Mehrjooi closed the comedies

According to the film reporter of Fars news agency, the murder of the great director of Iranian cinema, Dariush Mehrjoui, brought a serious shock to the cinema body. The people of the seventh art, who were still grieving for Atila Pesiani, this time faced the news of the tragic death of Dariush Mehrjoui and his wife.

of mourning 3 Fasting until indifference of the cinematographers’ association

After this unfortunate news, a large number of moviegoers demanded the closure of the comedies, then the spokesperson of the cinema house announced 3 days of public mourning for the cinemagoers, that of course this action did not have a special external appearance and maybe even beyond the responsibilities and abilities of the cinema house to make a decision. Was.

Even after the announcement of the Cinema House, the Association of Cinematographers, contrary to the Cinema House, announced that all cinemas would be active and all films screened on the day of Dariush Mehrjooi’s funeral, which was criticized by cinema enthusiasts.

The producers announced mourning

After this trade union statement, the producers of blockbuster comedy films showing in theaters announced the cancellation of their films on Wednesday by publishing a short text in the virtual space.

In the joint text of Mohammad Hossein Farah Bakhsh, Mohammad Shayista and Seyed Ibrahim Amirian, it is stated:

“In the company of culture lovers and standing next to the grieving people of cinema on Wednesday, 26 October, coinciding with the farewell ceremony for the great Dariush Mehrjooi Bozor and Vahida Mohammadifar Aziz from the films “Hotel”, “Fossil”, “Nargil 2” and “Shahr Hurt” in theaters Cinemas will not be released. Health and happiness of all Iranian people is our wish.

Mohammad Hossein Farah Bakhsh, Mohammad Shayesta and Ebrahim Amarian.

After these works, the film producer of “Gijgah” was added to this list and announced the cancellation of its release on Wednesday by publishing a text.

The crew of Gijgegah released a statement in sympathy with the people of art and cinema who are grieving the painful death of Dariush Mehrjooi, the great director of Iranian cinema. The text of the statement is as follows.

In the name of the eternal artist
We, the creators of the movie “Gijgah” will not release our movie on the day of the funeral of the great master of Iranian cinema culture and literature, His Excellency Dariush Mehrjooi and his wife Sarkar Mrs. Vahida Mohammadifar.

Miroli El Madani/Hanif Sarvari/Adel Tabrizi”

Hanif Sarvari and Adel Tabrizi, the producer and director of the movie “Gijgah” have worked together as the assistant director of Dariush Mehrjooi in recent years.

Accompanying the cinema

Now and after these public relations events, Mohammadreza Saberi, Secretary and Spokesman of Cinematarian Association, announced that on Wednesday, October 26, 1402, cinemas will be closed until 17:00 due to the funeral ceremony of Dariush Mehrjooi, the great filmmaker of Iranian cinema, and his wife, Vahida Mohammadifar.

Saberi emphasized: This decision was taken in the extraordinary meeting of the cinematographers’ association, which was held this morning, Tuesday, October 25.

According to him, the producers of the films on the screen have announced their agreement with this decision and the decision to close the cinemas has been made with their support.

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