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The nation’s insurance sits in the assembly

According to the report of financial financial news, quoted by the public relations of Mellat insurance company, all the shareholders of Mellat insurance company (public shares) are informed that the annual general meeting of the company for the year ending 12/29/1400 at 16:00 on Thursday 04/14/1400 30 will be held at the Mellat Insurance Conference Center at the address: Tehran, Vanak Square, at the end of Brazil Street, in front of the Accounts Court, No. 1.
Therefore, real shareholders or their legal representatives with valid identification documents and representatives of legal shareholders with a letter of introduction and a valid identification document can go to the above address one hour before the mentioned time of the same day to the venue of the annual general assembly meeting.


1- Listening to the report of the board of directors and the legal inspector regarding the performance of the financial year ending on 12/29/1400

2- Examining and approving the financial statements for the financial year ending on 12/29/1400 and deciding on the distribution of profits and the allocation of reserves.

3- Selection of auditor and legal inspector (main and substitute) and determination of their fees for the financial year ending 12/29/1400

4- Selecting the official actuary (main and substitute) and determining their fees for the financial year ending on 12/29/1400

5- Choosing a widely circulated newspaper to insert the company’s advertisements

6- Determining the remuneration of the board of directors for the performance of the year 1400 and the right to attend non-commissioned members of the board of directors for the year 1401

7- Other matters for which decision-making is within the jurisdiction of the Annual General Assembly

In line with the protection of public health in the conditions of the Corona pandemic and according to the notification dated 11/09/1400 of the Stock Exchange Organization in this regard, shareholders without any suspected symptoms of Corona can attend the meeting by presenting a vaccination card and wearing a mask.

Various shareholders who are not able to physically attend the assembly are invited to learn about the decisions and watch the live broadcast of the assembly through the link

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