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According to Tejarat News, Malik Rahmati, the head of the Privatization Organization, pointed out that all the officials are looking for the growth and development of the country, which can only be realized from the place of investment. to be

The head of the privatization organization emphasized that due to rampant inflation, the Central Bank has put the strategy of curbing liquidity growth on the agenda. Today, banks cannot finance large and medium-sized companies well, so other capacities should be used, including the stock market.

He added, based on this, the capital market should play a more central role in the field of financing.

Rahmati said at the 10th financial industry event: If people’s trust in the private sector is not deep, we cannot hope for sustainable development, and this path will be realized through transparency. Based on this, the capital market should be developed.

The supply of large state-owned companies through the stock exchange

The head of the private organization said: In the 13th government, there is a strategic view of the capital market, therefore, all large state companies that are on the path of Article 44 of the Constitution must be offered in the capital market.

In conclusion, he said: Today, Iran’s economy cannot be managed with the formula of ten years ago, therefore, smart strategies should be put on the agenda. For example, recently, the capital increase of large companies has gone towards the use of shares, and recently a company has financed about 2 thousand billion tomans from this route.

Source: Tasnim

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