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The new generation of captchas for websites active in the field of cryptocurrencies

The nature of bot protection services

What is captcha? Captcha is the same as the “I’m not a robot” box, a tool that tries to distinguish humans from robots by showing visual challenges in order to prevent malicious bots from attacking and damaging websites. Currently, many sites mistakenly use simple security codes to prevent malicious bot attacks, these codes create a bad user experience for site users and at the same time have very little security and can easily be bypassed by hackers and malicious internet bots. are.

When bots attack a site, they can damage both the financial resources and the reputation of that business. In the following, we mention some of these damages and risks that bots create for businesses in the crypto field:

  • Ownership of user accounts: If the website’s login form is not equipped with bot protection service, malicious bots enter the user account by trying multiple usernames and passwords, they can take important information such as username, password, digital wallet information, etc. and abuse them. , enter people’s user accounts on other sites or empty people’s currency wallets.
  • SMS bombardment: If a website uses SMS verification to authenticate users, bots can send requests by generating a lot of fake numbers and drain the SMS panel charge of businesses.
  • Stealing important information: Scraper bots crawl on all website pages and steal price information and digital currencies. Although this is not illegal, in any case, removing the information of a crypto website, which took a lot of effort to collect, can cause damages.

What is Arkpatch?

Arkepcha indeed The new generation of captcha is that by using artificial intelligence algorithms, besides its high security, it has also improved the user experience. Puzzle captcha and classic captcha are two types of captcha, the classic captcha has relatively higher security and the puzzle captcha has a better user experience. In addition to both types of captcha, there is an audio captcha option in Farsi and English; For those users who have vision problems and it is not possible for them to recognize images.

Use cases of Arkpatch

In general, any form that requires information, comments, or user interactions is vulnerable to bot attacks. Bots can act like a normal user and register their opinions (regardless of whether they are right or wrong), buy and sell currency. As a result, they can disrupt the statistics of a website.

Features of Arkpatch

Arkpatch gives you the ability to customize the puzzle captcha images for your website, change the color of the “I’m not a robot” box, and remove the Arkpatch logo. In fact, all these features are to transform captcha from an external service that disturbs users to a service that is considered a part of the website. Another feature of ArcCaptcha is the fully intelligent captcha, which, according to the level of difficulty considered for each form, determines whether to show the real user a simpler captcha or not to show the captcha at all, and also if the request is suspicious and similar to the behavior of bots. , display a harder captcha.

The new generation of captchas for websites active in the field of cryptocurrencies

The difference between Arkpatch and competitors

Currently, the external competitors of ArcCaptcha are Google’s RecCaptcha, HCaptcha, JTest, etc., which in addition to the fact that ArcCaptcha is completely competitive with these services in terms of security and stability, and also has a better price for businesses, especially crypto websites, considering the number of requests they have. provides

Another feature of ArcCaptcha is customization features such as changing captcha images and color, better user interface, high speed of solving puzzle challenges and full support.

The new generation of captchas for websites active in the field of cryptocurrencies

Securing the site with the help of Arkpatch

You can activate Arkpatch for your website easily and in less than a few minutes. Just register on Arkpcha site. Register the desired domain, choose the type of captcha you want and copy the generated site-key and secret-key and put it on your site. Although complete documents and libraries for activation in different programming languages ​​are placed inside the site, you can complete all the steps from Here Read.

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