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The new government will destroy the centers of corruption in some institutions

Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Heidarizad in this week’s sermons of Friday prayers in Urmia added: “People want the officials of the 13th government as a popular and revolutionary government with the same jihadist spirit to work day and night.”

He added: “The government must deal severely with those who prefer personal interests over national interests and are agents of rent.”

The interim Friday Imam of Urmia stated: Another expectation that the nation has from this government is that the government officials are busy with their main duties and do not allow the government to distract the government, contrary to the enemy’s desire to create a psychological atmosphere and engage the government officials with false issues. The main away.

Hojjatoleslam Heidarizad considered the Islamic Revolution and the increasing spread of concepts related to this revolution in the region and the world as the product of the honorable struggles of the nation and the leadership of Imam Rahel and the Supreme Leader and continued: From the Ashura culture, they figure out the developments in the Middle East.

In honor of the memory of Islamic scholars, especially Ayatollah Taleghani, civil martyr and other martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, he said: The original clergy and true scholars have always sacrificed their lives in defense of the nation’s rights and the martyrs of the clergy throughout history and contemporary history witness this It is a theorem

He said: “The clergy have always been a staunch enemy of capitalism, and today the United States, as the leader of capitalism in the world, considers its greatest enemy to be the late Imam, the supreme leader, and the revolutionary clergy.”

Recalling the anniversary of the September 11, 2001, explosion in the US Twin Towers, the interim Friday Imam of Urmia added: “It is not yet clear who blew up the towers, but independent and fair analysts have concluded that this dramatic explosion is the result of US strategists working for It was domination of the world and the Middle East.

Hojjatoleslam Heidarizad added: “Their main goal is to stand against the influential waves of the Islamic Revolution.”

He stated: “Currently, the strategy of the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran are facing each other, and of course, analysts acknowledge that in this confrontation, the strategy of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has been victorious.”

He continued his condolences on the fifth month of Safar, the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hazrat Roghayeh, the daughter of Imam Hussein (AS). Is.

According to IRNA, the 13th government has officially started its activities since the beginning of September.


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