The new price of Chery Arizzo was announced / November 1401

Online Economics – Solmaz Mohammadi; According to the report of Economy Online, The new price of Chery Arizzo Excellent 6 has also reached 995 million Tomans, which is 15 million more expensive than last week.

The price of Tigo 7 IE has reached 1 billion 130 tomans. The price of Tigo 7 at the dealership is 1 billion 102 million.

The new price of Tigo 5 IE has been announced around 860 million tomans, which is 10 million more expensive than the last two weeks.

The new price of Chery Arizzo Excellent 6 has also reached 995 million tomans.

It should be noted that the online economy does not interfere with the prices. Iranian and foreign cars may be bought and sold in the market under the influence of various factors with a slight increase or decrease in price.

Market price of Chery cars (November 1401)
brandmodel (year of manufacture)Performance (km)price (tomans)
Arizo 5T IE1401 | Modiran KhodroZero760,900,000
Arizo 5T IE1400 | Modiran KhodroZero790,000,000
Arizo 5T IE1401 | Modiran KhodroZero820,000,000
Arezzo 5T TE1400 | Modiran KhodroZero725,000,000
Arezzo 5T TE2019 Modiran KhodroZero695,000,000
Arizo 6 Excellent1401 | Modiran KhodroZero995,000,000
Arizo 6 Excellent1400 | Modiran KhodroZero940,000,000
Arizo 6 Excellent2019 Modiran KhodroZero890,000,000
Tigo 5 IE2019 Modiran KhodroZero820,000,000
Tigo 5 IE1400 | Modiran KhodroZero860,000,000
Tigo 7 IE1401 | Modiran Khodrozero (representative price)1,102,820,000
Tigo 7 IE1401 | Modiran KhodroZero1,130,000,000
Tigo 7 IE1400 | Modiran KhodroZero1,055,000,000
Tigo 7 IE2019 Modiran KhodroZero1,020,000,000
Source: Bama

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