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The new season of “It’s Possible” will be aired tonight + movie

According to Fars news agency, the second season of the television program “Misheh Ke Beseh” designed and produced by Kamran Saifullahi and directed by Seyed Emad Karimifred will be broadcast on Nasim channel from tonight, November 18, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 22:00.

Simultaneously with the start of the broadcast of “Mishe Ke Beseh”, the poster and teaser of this program, which were designed by Farzaneh Ahadi and Narges Samimi, respectively, were unveiled.

In each episode of this program, which has reverse migration as its subject, three young people experience a job, and interesting events and moments are created along the way of these experiences.

In its first episode, this program travels to Isfahan province and introduces the audience to the job of “penciling”. The production of cloth tablecloths in the traditional way as one of the well-known handicrafts in Isfahan is the subject of this part of the program.

“Lange making” is the title of the second job that will be discussed on Thursday night, November 19, in “Mishe Ke Beseh” and the audience will learn about the production of parts and the construction of passenger dinghies.

The third part of this program, which will be broadcast on the 20th of November, will visit North Khorasan province to talk about the job of “candy making”, which is one of the most famous souvenirs of North Khorasan province and is produced in different flavors.

The second season of “Mishe Ke Beseh” is produced in 26 episodes of 30 minutes on Nasim network and made with the participation of Barkat Foundation.

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