The nominees of the selected national karate team / Ganjzadeh were removed

According to IRNA, the finals of the national men’s karate team were held in the presence of federation officials and members of the technical staff today, Sunday, at the Shahid Kabganian Hall in Tehran, and the winners of these competitions were determined.

These competitions were held today in the weights of -84 and +84 kg for men, and Mehdi Khodabakhshi from Kermanshah province and Zabihollah Pourshib from Ilam province as the first and second persons in the negative weight of 84 kg and Majid Nikohamat from Markazi province as the best. Positive weights of 84 kg were selected.

The failure of Sajjad, the golden treasurer of the Tokyo Olympics, in today’s competitions in heavyweight was one of the strange points.

In the most sensitive fight, Mehdi Khodabakhshi won in minus 84 kg against Zabihullah Pourshiba, the captain of the national team.

Iran’s national karate team is leading the games of Islamic countries and the Asian Championship in Uzbekistan.

The results of these competitions are as follows:

Weight 84 kg:

Zabihullah Pourshib 2 / Ismail Motamedi One

Amir Hossein Fedakar 3 / Mehdi Khodabakhshi 9

Zabihullah Pourshib 4 / Amir Hossein Fedakar 3

Mehdi Khodabakhshi 3 / Ismail Motamedi Safar

Ismail Motamedi 4 / Amir Hossein Fedakar One

Zabihullah Pourshib 9 / Mehdi Khodabakhshi 10

Zabihullah Pourshib 5 / Ismail Motamedi 4

Amir Hossein Fedakar 2 / Mehdi Khodabakhshi 4

Zabihullah Pourshib 2 / Amir Hossein Fedakar 6

Mehdi Khodabakhshi 4 / Ismail Motamedi 3

Positive weight 84 kg:

Mahmoud Nemati 7 / Sajjad Ganjzadeh 9

Mahmoud Nemati 10 (Hansuko) / Majid Nikohmat 5

Majid Nikohamat 7 / Sajjad Ganjzadeh 6

Mahmoud Nemati 6 / Sajjad Ganjzadeh 5

Mahmoud Nemati 2 / Majid Nikohamat 4

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