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The official exchange rate of 46 currencies on 22 September

According to the Central Bank, today each US dollar was valued at 42,000 rials, the British pound at 58,099 rials and the euro at 49,621 rials.

According to this report, today each Swiss franc 45,754 riyals, Swedish krona 4,865 riyals, Norwegian kroner 4,823 riyals, Danish krone 6,672 riyals, Indian rupee 572 riyals, UAE dirham 11,200 437 Rials, Kuwaiti Dinar 139,546 Rials, One Hundred Pakistani Rupees 25,000 Rials, One Hundred Japanese Yen 38,208 Rials, Hong Kong Dollar 5,401 Rials and Oman Rials 109,233 Rials.

Also, each Canadian dollar is 33,095 Rials, New Zealand Dollar is 29,869 Rials, South African Round is 2,957 Rials, Turkish Lira is 4,961 Rials, Russian Ruble is 574 Rials, Qatari Rial is 11,539 Rials, 100 Iraqi Dinar 28 thousand 877 Rials, Syrian Lira 34 Rials, Australian Dollar 30 thousand 896 Rials, Saudi Rial 11 thousand 201 Rials, Bahraini Dinar 111 thousand 704 Rials, Singapore Dollar 31 thousand 304 Rials, one hundred Bangladeshi Taka 49 thousand And 381 Rials, 10 Sri Lankan Rupees ‌‌101 Rials, Myanmar 25 Rials, 100 Nepalese Rs 35,546 Rials, 100 Armenian Drams 8,522 Rials and Libyan Dinar 9,313 Rials.

Today in the Central Bank of China, 6,518 riyals, one hundred Thai baht 128,266 riyals, Malaysian ringgit 10,152 riyals, one thousand South Korean won 35,913 riyals, Jordanian dinar 59,239 riyals, one hundred tenge. Kazakhstan 9,859 riyals, each Georgian lari 13,488 riyals, one thousand Indonesian rupees 2,947 riyals, Afghan afghanis 526 riyals, new Belarusian ruble 16,734 riyals, Azerbaijani manat 24,707 riyals, one hundred pesos The price was 84,123 Rials, the Tajik Samani was 3,710 Rials and the new Turkmenistan Manat was 11,989 Rials.

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