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The opening of the tourism complex of Yurd Kazeroon residence in Fars province

According to Arya Heritage Report, quoting the Public Relations Department of the General Department of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts of Fars, Mohammad Javad Jokari said: With the presence of the special governor of Kazeroon city and a number of officials of the city, the U Red residence in Askarabad village was put into operation.

The official of Kazerun Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department said: This residence is located on a land of 1000 square meters at the entrance of the village and the owner has spent 3 billion tomans to build this complex.

Jokari continued: A large number of tourists travel to Kazerun city to spend their holidays, and for this purpose, for the well-being of tourists, creating such plans will also provide sustainable employment in addition to the expansion of tourism in the city.

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