The opening time of the Magenta symbol has been announced

According to reports Trade News Quoted from IRNABefore arrival Magenta To the capital market, the fans of these two teams had high expectations for their entry into the capital market. Finally, the expectations came to an end yesterday and the handing over of the magpies came to an end, but the media attacks and unprofessional speeches of some people caused fear among the people and the expected absence of the magpies’ fans to participate in this underwriting. However, the underwriting of magenta stocks began, and in this historic event, the record of attending over-the-counter underwriting in 1400 was broken.

According to the statistics announced by OTC, 167 million 403 thousand 903 shares were bought by 179 thousand 185 people in Esteghlal Club and 162 million 229 thousand 136 shares by 201 thousand 254 people in the case of Persepolis Club.

Most of the relevant officials have stated that a large number of fans of the two teams, who were looking to enter the capital market, were still not able to receive the stock exchange code and participate in the underwriting, which was one of the factors leading to media attacks. The expectations regarding the large presence of fans at the underwriting were not met.

More incentive for shareholders to participate in the initial public offering

In this regard, “Hossein Ghorbanzadeh” announced: The deadline for subscription of Sorkhabi shares is 30 days, and this event started yesterday as the first day between 9:30 and 11:30, in the same two hours more than 200 One thousand shareholders were added to Persepolis Club and about 180,000 shareholders were added to Esteghlal Club.

Emphasizing that this issue should be taken into account that yesterday the supply of shares of magpies was not in the form of initial public offering, but the purchase of shares was done through underwriting, he added: in the initial public offering, the buyer is more motivated; Because shareholders can trade from the day after the purchase, but this is not the case in underwriting, and the buyer knows that the symbol will be closed for a long time to register the underwriting.

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Ghorbanzadeh stated that the participation of the people in the underwriting of yesterday Magenta, The largest participation in the first day of OTC underwriting in 1400, said: In the last underwriting, which was related to the symbol of tomorrow (tomorrow insurance), 35,000 people participated. Prior to that, 44,000 people participated for Etka Tehran and 88,000 people participated for Avapars.

Record of people’s participation in the underwriting of magpies

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance continued: “The largest underwriting participation on the first day in 1400 OTC is related to the financing of the Persian Gulf, in which about 150,000 people participated, and the participation was less than these two clubs;” Therefore, the record of people’s participation in the underwriting of the first day of OTC this year belongs to the magpies.

“Our forecast for public participation was higher than these numbers, and we expected more fans to participate in the underwriting,” he said. Was a symbol; The announcement of a 4-day opportunity also allowed many people to participate calmly in the coming days to buy stocks.

Ghorbanzadeh said: “Despite setting a 4-day opportunity, whenever the total amount of the underwriting is announced, ie about 350 billion tomans, the underwriting will be stopped.”

The head of the Privatization Organization pointed out that on the other hand, not having a stock exchange code and not registering in SJAM caused a large number of fans to postpone their purchase to the next few days after receiving the stock exchange code, knowing the 30-day process. : The purchase ceiling of 300,000 Tomans for each person was further caused by the fact that people who wanted to buy more shares, could not buy more of these shares.

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“We, as the Privatization Organization, have not promised any profit at all to buy the shares of the Magpies,” he said.

Ghorbanzadeh pointed out: “Many people who were against the transfer and the establishment of transparency in these two clubs, constantly beat the drum of worthlessness of the shares of these two clubs during this period and tried to dissuade the people and the fans with incorrect statistics and information.”

The economic situation of all 3 clubs is improving

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance announced: Some people who mistakenly spread the excitement of the year 1999 to enter the stock exchange and buy the refinery fund and Dara Ikam to the shares of the Magpies fell from the roof and constantly announce that the people of these shares I have even heard that unfortunately some people have done this in recent days by inviting the media.

Announcing that Persepolis came out of the loss last year and made a profit of 14 billion tomans, he said: “Also, the loss of Esteghlal last year has been reduced to 12 billion tomans and the economic situation of all 4 clubs is improving.”

Ghorbanzadeh announced that the operating income of Persepolis last year increased by about 100 billion Tomans and Esteghlal by about 80 billion Tomans.

The Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance pointed out: about 200 billion tomans of their tax debts have been forgiven recently, and in the coming months, approvals from high authorities will most likely be issued to reduce accumulated losses and increase their operating income.

He said that the unfavorable situation of these clubs has been exaggerated. it is arrived.

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