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The poster of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents was unveiled/ Zain El Abdin: The children of this land should work hard to reach Iran.

According to the report of Arya Heritage, quoted by the Information and Media Communications Headquarters of the 35th International Festival of Children and Youth Films, this ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by a child reciter from Isfahan, and then the playing of the national anthem of our country.

After broadcasting the main teaser of the festival, Maisham Ahmadi, the host of the program, while welcoming the guests, invited Kamal Heydari, the deputy mayor of Isfahan and the head of the Cultural, Social and Sports Organization of Isfahan Municipality, to appear on the stage for a speech.

Kamal Heydari: Our society is eager for the enthusiasm of the children’s festival

At the beginning of his speech, Heydari said: We have a lot of work ahead of us this year, and I hope we can make a big event in October with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents. One of the ways to make Iran proud is the joy that God has sealed in childhood and its manifestation in adolescence. Thirty-five years have passed since this festival and these days we are witnessing the maturity of this event. Our society longs for this enthusiasm. I thank Maysam Bektashian, the executive secretary of the festival. This year, by designing neighborhood-oriented programs, we have tried to bring this enthusiasm to different neighborhoods of Isfahan throughout the city, and I hope that different media can help in this important matter.

The deputy mayor of Isfahan and the head of cultural, social and sports organization of Isfahan Municipality continued his speech and said: Amirul Momineen (AS) says that youth is the period of planting in human life and we hope that this will happen in the best way for all the children of Iran. The Festival of Children and Youth Films, the Youth Filmmaking Olympiad and other planned programs are important achievements that will help make the next editions of this event more fruitful. We hope that with the cooperation of different departments, we can create a lasting week for Isfahan.

He said: In the month of Mehr, we have important events such as the reopening of schools and universities, the week of resistance and holy defense, and the Nobel Prize of Islamic thinkers (Mustafa Prize), but the most beautiful event in this month is the international festival of films for children and teenagers, and we hope to be able to hold This festival, let’s inject hope and joy into the society.

In the end, referring to the special guests of this event, Heydari said: “Our dear disabled children and working children are present in the hall and we wanted all classes of children to be seen with this symbolic gesture.” Our relaxation is when we remember childhood nostalgia. We hope that our programs this year will be blessed by Imam Asr.

Later, while thanking Kamal Heydari, the host of the program said: You must remain a child to be saved. The world of childhood is a mysterious world and should be appreciated. Isfahan is a city of life, and children can grow up in suitable recreational places with peace and comfort. Children have many potentials that should be taken care of. Isfahan is the capital of Islamic culture and civilization, and more than 60% of film artists are from Isfahan. We should also use the opportunity and said that we hope Zayandeh River will flow forever in this city.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Mola’s vocal group performed two pieces focusing on Iran and the vitality of Iranian youth.

After that, a clip with the topic of reviewing the festival posters in the past seasons of this festival was broadcast.

Then the host of the program, while thanking Mola’s vocal group, thanked Ali Qasimzadeh, the mayor of Isfahan city, for his efforts to return the festival to Isfahan. According to the organizer of the ceremony, Qasimzadeh was on a work mission, but in a message he announced that he is very happy to return the festival to Isfahan city.

Later, Majid Zainul Abdin, the secretary of the 35th Children and Adolescent Film Festival, gave a speech.

Children should try hard to reach Iran

Majid Zainul Abdin said: I cannot hide my happiness at the beginning of my speech that the festival has returned to Isfahan after four years. We hope that we can have extra energy so that this festival can be held with enthusiasm and in the best possible way. The month of Mehr has a special meaning associated with enthusiasm and vitality, but for the children of Isfahan, it has a special meaning and for them it is considered the spring of cinema art and imagination and the season of vitality. Spring is the season of flying butterflies, but the children of Isfahan showed that the flight of butterflies in the imaginary space of the mind can happen in autumn.

He further stated: We Iranians are proud to have a city like Isfahan and we introduce ourselves to the world through this city. This festival is international, and more than forty countries have sent their works to participate in the festival, and this international aspect makes Isfahan and Iran introduce themselves to the world. Children of Isfahan are celebrating the festival with special enthusiasm. More than 835 children and teenagers were nominated for the judging, which shows the expectation of the people of Isfahan for the return of the festival to this city. 377 people were nominated for a reporter, which proves that children are eager to hold the festival. I hope we will see a good festival in Isfahan city with the sympathy and cooperation of friends. In the field of culture and art of Isfahan, it deservedly hosted and I hope this festival will help the growth of children’s cinema.

The secretary of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents continued: I would like to thank the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili, the Cinema Organization and the officials of Isfahan Municipality and other participants of the festival in half of the world, who all tried to bring the festival back to Isfahan. I would like to thank the artists and elders of Esfahani who are present among us today. They are the children of yesterday and they have tried to have a strong Iran today and the children should work for a strong Iran so that the children of tomorrow can be proud of it.

He said: Today’s ceremony is for the unveiling of the poster and it is a space that introduces the festival once again. We are trying to get the festival out of the monsoon form in Isfahan and to hold it permanently in Isfahan and for a period of one year, and to maintain communication with children continuously with the festival.

Referring to the characteristics of the poster of this festival, Zainul Abdin said: This year’s poster was selected with the guidance of experts and among various designs. An attempt was made to choose blue as the main color, which is a symbolic color that has Iranian Islamic cultural and civilizational background and is unique with architecture. In the poster, special attention has been paid to the element of imagination and flight for progress and excellence, and I hope that we will have a lively festival. All the children of Iran, especially the children of Isfahan, are in our hearts.

The poster of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents was unveiled/ Zain El Abdin: The children of this land should work hard to reach Iran.

The unveiling of the poster with the presence of the children of the martyr defender of the shrine and the hard-working children of Isfahan

Then it was time to unveil the poster, and Ahmad Moghimi, advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Munirah Jafari, head of Isfahan Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents, Meitham Bektashian, executive director of the festival in Isfahan, and Vahid Melatji, secretary of the Youth Filmmaking Olympiad, appeared on stage.

The poster of this period of the festival was designed by Behzad Sohri, who was not present at the ceremony due to the loss of his mother.

Also, the poster unveiling section hosted two special guests. Ali and Zahra are the children of Sardar Shahid and Rashid Islam, Sardar Abolfazl Alijani from Darcheh, Isfahan, who had many acts of bravery in Syria and achieved the high status of martyrdom as a defender of the shrine in August of last year. The attendees of this ceremony stood and applauded in honor of this noble martyr and the presence of his children.

At the end of the ceremony, hardworking girls and boys with disabilities as well as teenage journalists appeared in the poster unveiling ceremony on behalf of the children and teenagers of Iran, and group frames with the poster of the 35th festival, which is a symbol of the culture and civilization of Islamic Iran, were presented to They left a memorial.

The poster of the 35th International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents was unveiled/ Zain El Abdin: The children of this land should work hard to reach Iran.

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