The presence of the Iranian national judo team in the Iraqi international tournament

According to IRNA; The International Tournament and the Iraqi Joint Army will be held in Baghdad from May 12th. According to the Iraqi federation’s schedule, the tournament will take place from May 12 to 12, and after the end of the tournament, the participating countries will have a joint camp for a week.

The national judo teams of Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and Libya will definitely participate in these competitions and camps.

According to the Iraqi Judo Federation, a team from Belgium will probably take part in the competition.

The names of the dispatchers are as follows:

60-kg: Keyvan Mehdizadeh

66- kg: Hamidreza Papi and Hassan Bakhshi Kohnefroud

73- kg: Mohammad Reza Sedighi and Sohrab Rakhshan

90 kg: Mohammad Reza Saeedi

100-kg: Ali Parhizgar

100+ kg: Hamidreza Malekzadeh and Saeed Karaji

The Iranian national judo team was previously scheduled to participate in the Tunisian joint camp in May, but the joint camp was canceled due to the Iraqi tournament and the Tunisian national judo team participating in the tournament. With the planning of the Tunisian Judo Federation, a joint camp with Iran will be held at another time.

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