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Carrying out more than two thousand inspections of Qazvin guilds in the special monitoring plan for Ramadan

According to the public relations of the Qazvin Silence Organization, Afzali added: In the special monitoring plan for the holy month of Ramadan, 2,010 cases were inspected, of which 284 led to the formation of union violation cases, and 162 cases of violation were reported during this period. It has been announced to the 124 system by the people.

Referring to the food supply exhibition, he announced: This exhibition was opened with the participation of 48 production and commercial units as well as 10 market regulation booths in the permanent location of Qazvin International Exhibitions.

In this exhibition, items including rice, sugar, red meat, chicken, eggs and detergents were offered at a price 10 to 15% lower than the market floor.

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