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The priority in Iran’s insurance is to reduce the problems and concerns of producers

According to the financial news report, quoted from the public relations of Iran Insurance, Hassan Sharifi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Iran Insurance, emphasized to support the growth of production and the continuity of production units: After the announcement of the loss by the insurer, as soon as possible It is possible that a sum of money will be paid to the beneficiaries of fire accidents.

Referring to the immediate and quick handling and payment of damages after an accident in Iran’s insurance in the year named as the growth of production and curbing inflation, Sharifi said: Iran Insurance Joint Stock Company is working hard in the way of its activities and services. After the occurrence of a fire accident and the notification of the insurer, in the shortest possible time, the dispatcher will send expert experts to estimate and evaluate the damages, and in this regard, the damages of less than 2 billion Tomans, especially residential and non-industrial insurance policies, will be dealt with in the shortest possible time. As soon as possible, within two months, according to the regulations on the limits of the powers approved by the board of directors, it will process and pay, and for higher amounts, according to the type of activity, manufactured goods, raw materials, etc., an amount will be decided as an account or payment of a part of the damage. For cases that will take time to be processed for some reason, payment will be made to continue the activity and prevent the stoppage of production.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Insurance announced the process of handling and paying damages in more than 70% of fire damage cases in the shortest possible time and within 4 months at most and added: Our main goal in Iran Insurance is to reduce the problems and concerns of producers. and the activists of various economic fields to continue their activities, and definitely paying the damages on account in the shortest possible time can meet many of their needs for the restoration and reconstruction of the damaged areas and providing the raw materials needed to continue their activities, production, and work. provide

Sharifi stated that one of the problems of the implementation of this plan is the lack of cooperation and participation of the beneficiaries and insurers in the process of handling the damage, and clarified: Iran Insurance, as the largest insurance company in the country, preserves and protects the capital of insurers and removes obstacles. It considers production as its inherent duty and definitely, the fruitful cooperation of insurers after the accident can play a significant role in quickly paying the damage caused by the fire accident and returning these insurers to the cycle of production and activity in the shortest time.

The managing director of Iran Insurance, emphasizing the ability and expertise of experts and the high wealth of Iran Insurance in handling and paying claims on time, announced: the amount of damages paid after the fire accident to a number of insurers, including Grand Sanat companies Khorasan 100 billion Rials, Kian Elixir Mahan 40 billion Rials, Skan Oil Refining 20 billion Rials, Petronikan Alborz 37 billion Rials for part of the damage, Sepid Alborz Initiative 30 billion Rials, Rudbar Power Plant Lorestan 200 billion Rials (in progress), Project Management Company Hai Industrial is 219,890 dollars plus 18 billion Rials and Tinar Foam Company is 33 billion Rials.

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