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The profit of Kosar Insurance investments reached 385 billion Tomans

According to the financial monetary news quoted by Kosar Insurance Public Relations, the CEO of the company, while stating the above, announced the recognized profit from the place of investments from the beginning of 1401 to today amounting to 3,850 billion Rials, which had an extraordinary growth and profit was planned. Estimated the current year more appropriate than ever.
Abolfazl Aghadadi called the 1,400 percent increase in investment profits in less than four months an excellent quorum in the insurance industry and said: “Kosar Insurance’s vision is to gain a higher ranking in customer satisfaction and good profitability.” This year, in the field of insurance operations, we are looking to manage operating profits with proper risk management and increasing market share. In the investment sector, by intelligently managing the composition of the investment portfolio, such as moving shares with group companies with the aim of diversifying the portfolio, we seek to regulate assets in line with the Central Insurance Investment Regulations and appropriate profitability.
The CEO of the sales company evaluated the amount of one thousand and 100 billion Tomans of Kosar insurance in the spring and said: “Note that this success has been achieved while growing and maintaining the proper composition of the portfolio, we have a serious plan to avoid entering any price in We have put high-risk portfolios on the agenda, and I hope that with the help of my colleagues in the company, by the end of the year, we will be able to fully achieve the grand goals of the program and the targeted quotas.
In the end, he pointed out: “The better the country’s economy and the stock market, the more Kosar Insurance can diversify its investments and make a profit in insurance operations through risk management, which can gain more income by strengthening the company’s financial strength.” In addition to securing the interests of shareholders, the road will also provide better services to insurers and victims.

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