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The profit of state and public companies is up to 80 billion dollars / 17 challenges exist regarding the budget

According to the economic correspondent of Fars news agency, Samad Ghasemi, director of the Research Center of the Chamber of Commerce, said today at the conference introducing the Seventh Development Plan document: One of the reasons why parliamentarians interfere in the government budget bill is that there is a wide imbalance in the region and province and provincial budgets. If the government commits to the regional balance during the formulation of the budget, the representatives will interfere less.

The director of the Research Center of the Chamber of Commerce also said: To solve the budget imbalance, the reality is that the country needs to produce wealth and added value, while since the 80s, we have gone towards the distribution of wealth and not its production, and resources are constantly being transferred from one pocket to another. has been transferred.

Ghasemi said: In the budget law of 1402, the total tax on public and private legal entities is 400 thousand billion tomans, which if we multiply it by 5 with a tax rate of 20 percent, the total income is 2 thousand billion tomans, and if 50 percent is tax evasion Let’s consider that it will be equivalent to 4 thousand thousand billion tomans, and with a dollar rate of 50 thousand tomans, the total profit of legal, private and government companies will be 80 billion dollars, which is the size of an international company.

He concluded: The main problem of our country’s economy is in the production of wealth, while we only think about its distribution.

In this conference, Amir Bagheri, an expert at the Program and Budget Research Center, also said: the problem of the budget is in three stages: formulation, approval and implementation, and one of the problems of implementing the budget is that if there is 100 billion tomans in the treasury, 200 billion tomans have been allocated. will be

Bagheri also said: There are three basic questions about the budget, whether the budget fulfills its main task of creating prosperity and production growth, the second question is whether the budget does its job well and what are its positive and negative effects, and the third question is whether It is possible to formulate, approve and implement the budget better than this.

The expert of the Budget Program Research Center said: There are 17 challenges regarding the budget, and our conclusion is that it is not necessary to follow all these cases in the budget decrees.

Bagheri also said that: in many cases, we do not need a new law, for example, the budget based on the performance of the law is there, some cases must be followed in the context of the Seventh Development Plan bill, and some cases cannot be approved in the interaction between the government and the parliament, such as amending The parameter that the pension fund, which is a subcategory of social security and has many social effects, should be decided in the meeting of the heads of powers.

The budget expert also said: The important thing is that the annual budget does not have a legislative position regarding monetary, currency, or automobile policy, and these issues should be discussed in industry laws and permanent laws.

He also said: How effective can the parliament be in the budget? Provincial systems should be included in the budget. The next issue is the management of the government’s assets, which must be done well, and the position of the National Development Fund in the economy. The main issue is how much the government fulfills these obligations. pays to this fund.

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