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The Qataris did not allow the “Sunny” ship to dock

According to Moj news agency, Seyed Izzatullah Zarghami, Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, while visiting the Sunny cruise ship in Bandar Abbas, added: We were supposed to transport the passengers of the World Cup in Qatar by the Sunny ship, but the Qatar government due to internal problems It is not possible to dock this ship and Iranian vessels, and the Qatari authorities apologized for this situation and for not being able to attract sea tourists.

He emphasized: “The Qatari side has a serious accommodation problem, and only a limited number of very large ships that operate as hotels dock there and solve the accommodation problem of the spectators.”

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts stated: In the last 2 weeks, despite the previous arrangements, the Qatari government announced that they cannot cooperate in this area (tourism).

Zarghami continued: During the past year, the obstacles to the growth of this field of the tourism industry have been examined, and good investments have been made, one of which is the overhaul of ships, the construction of ships and vessels, and the technical knowledge that can be seen here. We are, it is very valuable.

The problem of fuel for tourist vessels has been solved by the order of the president

The Minister of Cultural Heritage stated that this ship has been prepared to serve tourists and added: One of the problems of tourist vessels was related to the price of fuel, which made the maritime tourism sector not very attractive to private sector activists. And the decision of the government board has been removed and the fuel for recreational vessels has been subsidized.

Zarghami stated that in the coming days we will see the departure of the Sunny ship for the use of tourists from Isoiko, and noted that the difference between the price of subsidized fuel and non-subsidized fuel is very high, and now the activity with recreational vessels is economically beneficial and various programs can be arranged for tourists. had a sea

The development of marine tourism is one of the programs of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Pointing out that, of course, the work we did in this field has nothing to do with the Qatar World Cup and the development of projects in the field of maritime tourism continues strongly, he added: the facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready to carry out sea trips to Qatar and from this capacity The region will be used not only for Qatar but also for other countries and even domestic and foreign islands.

The Minister of Cultural Heritage continued: This capacity is becoming more ready day by day and with the good tourism packages we will have and also with their affordability for those who intend to invest, we hope to see good developments in the field of marine tourism.

Hormozgan should not have a problem with employment

The Minister of Cultural Heritage pointed out that it is not possible for a province to be located by the sea and have employment problems, and said: Hormozgan should find a better situation than the current situation, this province should not have employment problems.

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