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The reaction of the Minister of Sports and Youth to the rumors of managerial changes in Esteghlal and Persepolis

According to Fars News Agency, Seyed Hamid Sajjadi, regarding the important issues on the agenda of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, said: About 10 years ago, in June 1990, two national organizations of youth and physical education were merged and witnessed a new ministry called We were “Sports and Youth”.

He said that the main focus of this ministry is on youth issues and specified: “One of the most important of these axes is personal, religious, social and talent identification for young people.” Especially issues related to the livelihood and housing of this group. These connections are precisely related to the subject and the approximate age of youth in the country.

The Minister of Sports and Youth added: “This ministry considers the youth in general, and thank God, in this regard, 3700 semen have been covered by the ministry and they have received an official activity license.”

Sajjadi pointed out: The Ministry of Sports and Youth intends to form the Supreme Youth Council first; As the President recently issued the decree of the Secretary of the High Council of Youth. Concerned in the field of the second step statement and the cultural front of the Islamic Revolution – to be selected.

He also stressed: “These people should be concerned about the revolutionary government and the people, and this is a task that should be on the agenda of the ministry in terms of structure.”

Sajjadi pointed out: I personally requested that an advisory council for youth affairs be considered to raise and discuss issues in various fields. Our idea is to form this ministry in the field of youth as a central base, different from the past, in order to follow the demands of the youth from the institutions more than before.

The Minister of Sports and Youth believes that the problem of housing, employment and marriage should be followed up by other agencies, and that we should monitor and demand and follow up on the duties of other agencies. If the above camp is formed by considering the powers of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, we can demand and pursue the demands and needs of the youth.

In this regard, he referred to the process of talent development, fielding and trust in the youth in order to achieve the goals of the second step statement by the youth of our country and said: The Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the second step statement has mentioned the word youth about 40 times. Wherever something important has happened in the country, it has been done by the youth. Today, a large part of the population of our country are young people who were born after the victory of the revolution, and this group is so good that they have ignored this revolution.

In response to a question about more prosperity in the youth sector than in the field of sports, he said: “Personally, we have assembled a good advisory team in the field of youth, which I believe has well-designed and ongoing programs.” Going through the days ahead and the usual staffing, we are going to do great things with this well-thought-out team; Of course, sometimes it was suggested that the two categories of sports and youth be separated, and the members of parliament also had points of view in order to see the position of the youth better than before.

Sajjadi spoke about the proposals for the separation of the ministry and continued: “This issue is still a prediction and a hypothesis; Some believe in the separation and transformation of the ministry into an organization, and some emphasize on becoming two ministries; But no serious action has been taken in this regard so far.

The Minister of Sports and Youth said: “The advisers have warned the points and the president has also accepted that the position of the youth should go beyond the deputy and be promoted.”

The Minister of Sports and Youth also said regarding the transfer of Esteghlal and Persepolis clubs and the assignment of these two popular institutions in the new government: “Our plan is to move towards the transfer of two clubs.” The legal department of the Ministry of Sports, Privatization and other sectors have exercised controls, and we have no particular concerns about the transfer.

He added: “Conditions are in place and correspondence has been made with the president for final investigations in the legal department.” Our intention is to transfer, but we are facing two different cadres from the board.

Referring to what happened and discussing the changes in the board of directors of the two clubs, Sajjadi said: “Some people want us to face rapid changes, and we also asked friends to trust us, if actions are taken at the right time.” If there is going to be a change in the board or management of the club, we will proceed with the study.


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