The referees of the country’s freestyle wrestling championship have been determined – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, the country’s adult freestyle wrestling competitions (the first stage of the national team selection cycle) will be held on the 28th to the 30th of December at the Shahada Hall of the Seventh Tir in Tehran.

The names of the judges and observers of this competition are as follows:

Technical supervisor: Mohammad Ebrahim Emami (first class international referee) (Tehran)

Jury: Seyed Mohammad Iftikharian (first-class international referee) (Mazandaran), Akbar Nasiri (first-class international referee) (Zanjan)

First class international referees:

Behrouz Handijani (Khuzestan), Amirhassan Rahnama (Semnan), Ebrahim Karimi (West Azerbaijan), Gholamreza Taherkhani (Qazvin), Reza Ali Asghari (Gilan), Mohammad Rahimpour (Kurdistan), Mehdi Aghavali (Tehran), Vahid Khosh Taynet (Tehran), Masoud Rostami (Tehran) ), Behnam Shirmohammadi (Tehran), Seyed Farshid Mirhashmi (East Azerbaijan), Daud Khoshmanz (Tehran), Alipour Karim (Tehran), Hossam Emami (Khorasan Razavi), Zabih Elah Kohestani (Alborz)

Second international referees:

Hossein Askari (Tehran), Imran Jabari (Central), Mehdi Sadoughi (Isfahan)

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