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The “Remove Google Chrome browser now” warning worries users, but what is the matter?

17 Aban 1400 at 22:48

Recently, there was a warning on the Internet saying “Remove Google Chrome browser now”. But what is the reason for this warning and what should be done?

You may have recently noticed a series of alarming warnings about the removal of Google Chrome Mobile browser in various media. But do not rush into this and do not remove the most popular browser in the world from your phone. So what is the matter?

What is the reason for the warning to delete Google Chrome browser?

The main reason for the news headline telling users to delete this browser immediately from their phone or tablet is security. Of course, don’t worry, there’s no word on the zero-day attacks that Google warned last month that could threaten the browser for a long time.

The alarming warning comes from a security researcher tweeting how the mobile version of Google Browser could use your phone’s accelerometer sensor for immoral purposes.

There are many studies that show that various mobile applications can access the accelerometer sensor of users’ phones, the most famous of which are Facebook and satellite messaging applications.

While initially a warning for iPhones, security researchers are now warning Chrome users on the Android platform that the browser is always checking their phone’s accelerometer. The text of this tweet is as follows:

Dear Android users;

Chrome shares your motion sensor with all the websites you visit by default. The video below shows how you can disable it. Please do this now.

mysk_co @

video download

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This study does not tell you to delete the Google Chrome browser directly from your phone, but rather shows you how to disable the accelerometer sensor data sharing option in this browser.

If you do not have the patience to watch the video above, just run the Chrome browser on your phone, go to its settings, then go to Site Settings and the Motion sensors menu, and disable the sharing of your phone’s motion sensor data by default.

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