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The review meeting of Mirza Taqi Khan Farahani Amirkabir’s pictures will be held in Golestan Palace

According to Aria Heritage report, referring to the public relations of the Golestan Palace World Heritage Complex, Afarin Emami, referring to the occasion of January 20 this year, which is the 171st anniversary of the martyrdom of Mirza Taqi Khan Farahani Amirkabir, added: Therefore, based on the specialized meeting to examine the faces of Mirza Taqi Khan Amirkabir, both military and non-military, It is held in Golestan Palace.

The director of the Golestan Palace World Heritage Collection continued: This specialized meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 20, with the presence of professors in the field of history and culture, including Zahra Hatami, Nasrullah Haddadi, Safora Broumand, and Mohammad Reza Behzadi at 10:00 AM in the Hall of the Grand Chapter of the Golestan Palace World Heritage Collection. Will be held.

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