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The role of factoring financing in inflation control

According to the report of financial financial news, quoted by Ibna, Ferdous Bagheri; On the sidelines of the unveiling ceremony of the factoring system (registration of assignment of contractual claims), Sekkok’s CEO said: Factoring is one of the neglected capacities in the field of corporate financing. The main issue of factoring is that the necessary legal capacity did not exist in the past; But since 2018, when the relevant law was approved, a suitable capacity was created to finance the demands of companies.

He added: Seasonal factoring is a new and leading tool in the field of financing companies worldwide, and I hope it will be fruitful in our country so that companies can use this capacity.

Sekkok’s CEO continued: Last year, the financing capacity of factoring in the world was 2700 billion dollars, unfortunately, our companies did not have a share of it.

Bagheri mentioned: One of the important achievements in the field of factoring is that accounts receivable can be considered as the support of financing or the basis of financing. This new approach provides a great capacity for companies to finance.

He continued: This method is one of the tools that can lead to the development of supply chain financing, and one of its functions is to move away from cash financing tools and move towards credit tools that can help reduce the financing costs of companies. .

This economic activist emphasized: This method can be a very effective tool in directing resources towards real production and preventing the diversion of resources, and if this tool can be moved in the credit chain instead of cash injection, it can even reduce inflation in the country’s economy. also be effective.

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