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The sale of raw gold bullion on the stock exchange has started + details

According to the economic reporter of Fars news agency, the management of derivative markets and commodity funds of the Iran Commodity Exchange Company announced the launch of the crude gold bullion futures contract due on September 29 this year.

According to the Commodity Exchange announcement, the raw gold bullion futures contract for delivery on 29 September 1402 will be launched from today, Monday, July 19, and will be tradable until 29 September this year.

Futures contracts on the first day, trading without fluctuation limit, price with a pre-opening period for 30 minutes at the beginning of the trading session, and after the single price auction at 10:30, it continues with the normal trading period and applying the daily price fluctuation limit. The base price of the futures contract will be the same price discovered in the single auction, which will be the basis of the daily price fluctuation limit for the continuation of transactions in the continuous auction. Obviously, if the transaction is not carried out in the single auction, the price of the futures contract will be stopped and the same business day process will be repeated. It will be repeated later.

The normal trading period is the application of the daily price fluctuation limit based on the price discovered in the single price auction

The pre-opening period has no daily price fluctuation limit.

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