The Saudi coalition blocked the arrival of an emergency gasoline ship in Yemen

According to Fars News Agency International Group, “Essam Al-Mutawakil”, the spokesman of the Yemeni Oil Company, announced: The US-Saudi aggression coalition prevented the entry of the emergency gasoline ship (Sea Adore) to the port of Al-Hudaidah.

He added: “This is while the mentioned ship had obtained UN permits and was inspected; But the Saudi coalition pulled it towards Jizan.

Yahya Sharaf al-Din, vice president of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Institute, also denied on Sunday the allegations of the aggressor coalition that the ships were moving to the port of Al-Hudaidah.

“We are one of the sectors affected by the cut-off of oil derivatives, and there is a ban and a significant reduction in imports to the port,” Sharaf al-Din said in an intervention with Al-Masira.

He added: “The United Nations is a partner in the siege of Yemen and the aggressor coalition is not paying any attention to its permits.”

Sharaf al-Din stated that in 2021, only five tankers for the public sector entered the port of Al-Hudaidah, adding that the aggressor coalition was trying to falsify the truth and, if it were true, would release the seized oil ships.

“The aggressor coalition and the United Nations are dealing with the suffering of the Yemeni people and are responsible for the current fuel crisis,” said the vice president of the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Institute.

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