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The schedule of the Turlikhanov Cup freestyle wrestling tournament has been determined / Yazdani’s first match with the Turkish representative

According to Fars News Agency and quoting the Wrestling Federation, the results of the draw of the selected freestyle wrestling team of our country, which has participated in these competitions with 4 representatives, are as follows:

In the 86 kg weight category, which is attended by 8 people, Hassan Yazdani will face Fateh Ardin from Turkey in the first round, and if he wins this wrestler in the next round and in the semi-finals, he will win the wrestling match between Azmat Dolatbekov from Kazakhstan and Bekzad Abdolrahman. F. will fight from Uzbekistan.

In the 92 kg weight category, which is held periodically with 6 wrestlers in two groups of 3, Kamran Ghasempour will compete against Vicky from India and Islambek Eliasov from Kazakhstan.

In the 97 kg weight class, which has 9 participants, Amir Hossein Firuzpour will wrestle with Kazakhstan’s Akhyan Aitbekov in the second round after a break in the first round. Ibragimov is from Uzbekistan and Deepak is from India.

In the 125kg weight class, which will be attended by eight wrestlers, Amir Hossein Zare will fight Oleg Boltin from Kazakhstan in the first round, and if he passes this opponent in the next round and in the semi-finals against the winner of the wrestling match between Lekhaguagrel Monkhtor from Mongolia. And Alishir Yergali from Kazakhstan.

It is worth mentioning that the 97 and 125 kg weights competitions will be held tomorrow (Saturday) and the 86 and 92 kg weights competitions will be held on Sunday.

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